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    The Grinder

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    The Grinder is a 4-player survival game that is a first person shooter on the Wii and a top-down action game on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Development of this game is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

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    The Grinder is based in a world where monsters such as zombies, werewolves, and vampires are in existence and are a part of everyday life. A team is contacted and recruited by a contact only known as "Book" to keep the population of monsters under control.

    Gameplay for Wii

    Wii version
    Wii version

    The player controls one of the four characters, each of the characters have special abilities which the player will be able to upgrade. Different techniques will be required to defeat different types of enemies. The game will feature the option to entirely remap the controls and will allow the player to use Wii motion plus.

    Online multiplayer is included and will make use of Wii Speak. Each of the single player levels can be played in co-op supporting up to 4 players online.

    Gameplay for PS3/360

    PS3/360 version
    PS3/360 version

    The PS3/360 version of The Grinder will be a completely different game from the Wii version. Whereas the Wii version was a 4-player Left 4 Dead style FPS, the PS3/360 version is a top down shooter/hack & slash similar to High Voltage's Hunter: The Reckoning.


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    Doc: He wants to figure out everything he can about the monsters. Doc used to be a hunter but after a mission gone awry, he quit the hunting business to become a doctor. Now he has to come out of retirement to keep his three companions safe.

    Miko: She is an assassin that just wants a new challenge. She was getting bored with her job until one of her targets turned out to be a werewolf, and she felt genuine excitement for the first time in years. Now she hunts them full-time to recapture that experience.

    AJ: She is an urban explorer who had a bad experience and is looking for revenge. She was the only survivor of a slasher attack.

    Hector: A greedy, boastful and arrogant bounty hunter who has tracked targets on both sides of the border. Hector used to be a professional hunter but he angered so many people to the point that professional hunting companies refuse to give him any more work.


    High Voltage Software has previously worked on Hunter: The Reckoning and have said that The Grinder is heavily influenced by it as well as Left 4 Dead. The game will use the Quantam3 engine and the developers have said are trying to push the amount of characters on the screen at one time to its maximum limit. They are also attempting to make it have no load times. While the game has not been officially cancelled yet, development for both versions of The Grinder are on an indefinite hiatus. The game is currently rumored to have been moved over to Wii U.


    The trailer released for the game in 2009 was voiced by actor Mark A. Sheppard (best known for his TV-work on Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural) who also did the voice for the main character in High Voltage's Wii-FPS, The Conduit.


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