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The Gunslinger is a Team Fortress 2 weapon added in the Engineer Update. It replace's the Engineer's wrench weapon. It gives the player extra health and can create "mini-sentries".


The Gunslinger

  • Gives the player 25 health to the player.
  • Does a three hit combo. If the Engineer makes three successful hits then the third punch will crit.
  • Lets the Engineer drop "mini-sentries" instead of regular sentries.


  • Is placed by Engineers using The Gunslinger.
  • Only costs 100 metal to build a mini-sentry instead of 130 metal.
  • Builds 4 times faster than a regular sentry.
  • 50% faster rate of fire compared to a regular sentry.
  • Deploys with full health.
  • Cannot be upgraded or repaired.
  • Deals half the damage of a regular sentry.

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