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    The Guy Game

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 31, 2004

    The Guy Game is a simple, adult-oriented trivia game that became infamous when it was revealed that one of the girls who appeared nude in the game was underage, and the game was technically considered child pornography by American law.

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    The Guy Game is a trivia game, with sex appeal. A video is shown to the player where a host goes around asking various questions to various girls on spring break, and players must guess not only the correct answer but also what the girl will answer (or depending on the round, simply whether or not she gets the question right). Whenever the girls get a question wrong, they show their breasts, and while they start out totally obscured by a "The Guy Game" logo, as the player's score increases, it slowly reduces the amount of censoring, moving on to pixelization, and eventually become totally uncensored.

    The game became infamous when it became banned in the United States after it was revealed that one of the girls in the video, Diane, was underage when it was filmed, despite the legal waivers she had to sign stating otherwise. Because she wasn't at least 18, technically The Guy Game is classified as child pornography under American law.


    • Nudity is everywhere in this game -- answering question gets real live girls to flash the crowd or strip.
    • After each trivia question, players must guess whether or not the girl got it right -- if the player is right, their score increases. Whenever she's wrong, she loses a piece of clothing.
    • Play BallzOut to gather points and get the girl to go topless
    • 20 episodes, each with multiple girls.
    • For 1 to 4 players
    • Commentary by Dick Conrad and Steve Graves

    The Guy Game: Game Over!

    Box Art for unreleased DVD
    Box Art for unreleased DVD

    After the console and PC versions of the title was pulled off of store shelves, developer Topheavy Studios tried to make the best of a bad situation by repackaging the portions of the game that didn't contain an underage contestant into a standalone DVD with additional content that didn't make it into the console releases. This DVD had no gameplay elements and stripped out a majority of even the trivia, but instead was cut and presented in a style similar to "Girls Gone Wild." It also spun the scandal of the recall as being due to the "infamous" game showing "too much" nudity for retail locations. The DVD format allowed them to sidestep having to "deal with" ratings boards, angry parents, and "gaming geeks."

    The Guy Game: Game Over! DVD was hosted solely by Dick Conrad (Although Steve Graves is heard in recycled material), and had a running time of 56 minutes, ending on a hopeful note of turning the transformed project into a series. For reasons that were never disclosed, the repackaged DVD was never printed for distribution despite being completed. Still, as many modern products do that are canned before final distribution (such as Thrill Kill), "The Guy Game: Game Over!" managed to find its way onto the gray market and the internet.


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