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    The Hole

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    The Ruins of Old Paineel, more commonly referred to as The Hole, lies within a deep canyon that has become overrun with powerful creatures from the Underfoot.

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    The Hole is also referred to as the Ruins of Old Paineel and can only be entered from inside Paineel itself. Not too long ago, a faction of Erudites decided to start their own city where they would be free to practice the dark arts of necromancy and worship The Faceless, Cazic-Thule. Erudites true to Prexus and Quellious refer to these defectors as Heretics, but they refer to themselves as Cazicites. After the split, a battle for supremacy was held between the two factions of High Men. At the climax of the battle, the combined powers of the two armies of spell casters resulted in a cataclysmic eruption of the ground they stood upon. Massive craters were left in the earth, the largest of which is now referred to as simply The Hole. Shocked at the effect of their power, both sides retired from the field of battle.

    The Heretics retreated into the depths created by the blast and built a secret city they called Paineel and continued their studies of the forbidden magic of the dead. The Heretics also explored the mysterious caverns revealed by the crater, and eventually discovered what is known as the Vault of Living Stone. It is believed that the gates beyond the vault lead to the Plane of Underfoot, the realm of Brell Serilis. Many say that this is the way in which Brell came to Norrath to "plant" his creations (dwarves, gnomes, gnolls, etc) deep within the earth. The vault was built to protect mortals by keeping the more viscious denizens of Brell's plane, led by Master Yael, from entering Norrath. Foolishly, the Heretics must have opened the gate, because the Ruins of Old Paineel are now overrun with earth elementals and powerful minions infused with the strength of Brell. Ghosts of Old Paineel's citizens wander aimlessly through the halls. These dangers make The Hole a worthy test for even the most battle tested adventurers.

    Neighboring Zones



    Notable NPCs

    Notable Items

    • Bow of the Underfoot
    • Brell's Girdle
    • Earthshaker
    • Elemental Binder
    • Ghostly Mantle of the Dead
    • Idol of the Underking
    • Imbued Granite Spaulders
    • Jagged Sword of the Dragon Slayer
    • Loam Encrusted Armor
    • Purified Steel Earring
    • Red Dragon Scales
    • Rusted Throneblade
    • Simple Pure Gold Ring
    • Smoldering Brand
    • Tainted Darksteel Sword
    • Velvet Gloves of the Forsaken
    • Withered Leather Armor

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