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House Of The Dead 3 Review

So Your Bored . 
Youre At The Arcade (Mabye Drunk) And You Have A Few Quid (or Dollars) Too Spend. 
You See House Of The Dead 3 And Decide To Play It.... 
You Dont Know What Amazing World You Have Let Youself Into. 
At The Beginning You Start Off As Thomas Rogan, Ex-AMS Agent And His Team Of Idiots Who Get Killed Trying To Stop Yet Another Zombie Attack At This massive House In The Middle Of No-Where..... Eventually You Get Knocked Out. 
2 Weeks Later You Arrive At the House As Lisa Rogen (Obviously Thomas Rogans Daughter) And Her Accomplice G (From The Other 2 Games...) , You Start Off Driving Into The Bulding And You get Two Paths... Very Nice.....  Once You Finally Get Through That Part You Have Some Very Nice And Challenging Bosses too Face... Lovely.... 
Once At The End You Face A Even More Challenging Boss ... What Fun! 
In All The Graphics Are Quite Good For Its Time..... But The Controls Are A Bit Confusing... I Took Me 5 Minutes Too Find Out How To Reload... I Kept Thinking It was R..... But Apart From That Its A Very Good Game!!   Just Needs To Be Explained More. 
Happy Gaming....!

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