HotD: Overkill with proper Lightgun Calibration (Yeah!)

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Remember how that totally objective quick look on House of the Dead Overkill sucked so much? Remember how they lamented about the lack and impossibility of lightgun-y controls? Well.


(My aim isn't too hot there because I was filming, and sometimes I try to shoot when there's a non-interactive sequence)

I wonder if they bothered to use the calibration tools and the option to turn off the crosshair? You know, the option that was even present in HotD 2+3 Returns? With the proper calibration, you aim at the head, shoot, hit. You aim at the little green SloMo-Thingys, shoot, hit. All without crosshair. But with noise and rumble coming from the Wiimote. And with the Hand cannon, it's just absolutely awesome.

I played a lot of lightgun-shooters in arcades and on the PSX. HotD: Overkill is not really different. The calibration is a hassle, but once you got that done, Overkill with the handcannon is a blast.

That hand cannon thing is pretty heavy, by the way. The made the handle heavier, so it works as counterweight.
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I can never seem to get the calibration right on my parents' Bravia, so I just play with crosshair on.  One day...

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The calibration screen is a bitch, yeah. Totally not understandable why it sucks so much, especially since they got it right in HotD 2 + 3 returns. Try this:

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The black rectangle is your TV screen, in HotD:O calibration. The red circles are where the game tells you to shoot. Don't shoot there. Shoot where the green areas are. With a little trial and error, this gets you near 1:1 aiming and you can turn the crosshair off.

It's perfectly possible to do this, you just have to figure out where your calibration targets have to be, because the ones given are absolutely worthless.

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I made a much better video with commentary, one that shows the calibration as well, and more action.


Oh, the shotgun is so much fun. : >
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#5 Posted by iAmJohn (6249 posts) -

Nice!  Thanks for the tips, man; I'll be sure to crack out the Hand Cannons and test this out when I'm home in a couple of days! :D

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hmmm odd that you say you shoot the head and it hits when i constantly saw missed headshots in both videos and aiming above the head in the videos to hit them...

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Or maybe the camera wasn't exactly in the ideal position (not even when it was @ the "sights" as it wasn't lined properly), plus playing with the camera in hand trying to capture it is hardly efficient (he already mentioned that one). Besides, having the aiming proper doesn't also mean he plays perfectly. Not to mention even older arcade lightgun games often don't have the sights of the gun properly reflect the aiming, as nobody really plays them in that way >_>

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WilliamRLBaker, I admire your pubescent persistant blind hating of something, but this time it's not really difficult to answer. I wasn't aiming for heads. As Alex said, it was difficult enough trying to hold that camera somewhat aligned to the gun. I was looking through that camera the whole time.

And naturally, perfect alignment of the gun to the crosshair doesn't mean that anyone is suddenly a perfect shot. Headshots still require skill.

Then, yes, the calibration  in the first video is a little off. That's why I made a better one. And that's why I numerously said how incredibly much the calibration screen in Overkill sucks, especially when one considers that it works perfectly in the "2&3 returns" package.

So far, I've had 3 people who never played the console before try Overkill with my handcannon calibration and without crosshair. All three immediatly hit where they wanted to hit.

Jesus christ. There's so much to understandably complain about on the console, and so many shitty games, but this oblivious fanboying of everything just because is so incredibly sad.

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I used to think you're one of those people at one point Meo, it's incredible how much your opinion of the Wii has changed, gotta give props to De Blob I guess, that's when it hit you that there actually are good non-Nintendo games on the Wii if I recall correctly :)

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#10 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

de Blob and World of Goo, yeah.

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oh god calibration sucks worse than rotting donkey balls in this game!!!!! 
have spent 15 minutes trying to calibrate the game so that the OFFICIAL  gun shoots properly and it is fucking impossible to get the aim where my iron sights are physically aiming. aiming is off by 5-10 centimeters.' 
i havent even started playing the game and I already want to fucking sell it!

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