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probably the funniest game ive played sense...... well, a long time.  the voice acting is great, and the zombies are nice and bloody.  lots of unlockables makes me want to replay more and more. it feels like an old 70's buddy cop movie, but with a REDICULOUS amount of swearing.  dont have youre 5 year olds in the room when you're playing this, unless you want them to be a foulmouthed badass cop. And let me tell you ... without peer, this game has THE BEST ENDING EVER.  i will not say spoilers, just go rent the game or something and beat it once.  you will be a better person for it. 

the only reason im not giving it a full 5 stars is cuz theres some lag issues.  some.... bit of an understatement.  you notice it in the first level more then enywhere else tho, i  guess its because you subconciously get used to it.  its a really quick snag in the animation, i have a feeling its loading and thats why. 

also theres a few 4 person mini games that can keep you and youre nerdy friends occupied for a good half hour or so, i bumped the score up a bit for that.

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