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    The Hulk

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    The Incredible Hulk is a well known Marvel Comics character possessing limitless strength and endurance as his rage builds. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

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    The Incredible Hulk is a Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962. His first comic book appearance was The Incredible Hulk #1. He has been featured in many comic book related games over the years, a television show in the 70's starring Lou Ferrigno, animated television shows, and a 2003 film directed by Ang Lee before the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The Hulk's default method for entering a room
    The Hulk's default method for entering a room

    Dr. Bruce Banner was a genius scientist working on an experimental bomb using gamma radiation. On the day of the testing a young teenager named Rick Jones ventures on to the bomb site. Dr. Banner races out to save him, shoving Rick into a trench to save his life just as the bomb detonates. Dr. Banner was not so fortunate. His body was doused with uncharted amounts of gamma radiation which to the surprised of everyone involved did not prove to be fatal.

    Shortly after the gamma bomb incident Dr. Banner discovered that during moments of stress or anger he began to change into a "hulking" brute with immense strength but a very simple and angry mind.

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    The Hulk's Powers and Abilities

    Super Strength - The Hulk is an impossibly strong character, whose upper limit has yet to be revealed (if he even has one). The Hulk's strength rises with anger, pain and exhaustion.

    Super Speed - Even though it may not seem like it, the Hulk is actually very fast. Because of his Super Strength, he is able to push harder with his muscles which can make him faster, but the connections in his brain are also much faster than that of a normal human. The Hulk has displayed such Super-Speed, by running in excess of 300 mph.

    Durability - The Hulk's durability climbs with his anger. In fact, he can become so durable, that Wolverine's claws and Warpath's Vibranium knives are the only things that can pierce his skin (along with other objects made of Adamantium and Vibranium)

    Healing - The Hulk's healing is more powerful than that of Wolverine, who (according to many fans; and some writers) is immortal. The Hulk's healing is so fast, that Wolverine first thought his skin was impenetrable. The Hulk's healing factor builds strength with rage/pain.

    Super-Human Senses - To quote from our sister site's, Comic Vine, Hulk page:

    The senses of the Hulk are not normal. Though it seems at times he can scarcely distinguish friend from foe, he has shown unusual supernatural perceptions, such as being able to somehow see the astral body of Dr. Strange, which mortal men cannot. He also has Super-humanly fast reflexes (although we don't know if he's fast enough to dodge bullets or not, but he wouldn't need to because of his durability), even though he appears slow, normally it depends if he cares, which normally, he doesn't.


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