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    The Hunt for Red October

    Game » consists of 54 releases. Released 1987

    Submarine simulator game based on Tom Clancy's novel, it is not based on the film adaptation of said novel.

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    A submarine simulation based on the best-selling novel by Tom Clancy "The Hunt for Red October". It's not releated to the game of the same name that was released in 1990 and was based on the movie.

    The game was first released by Argus Press Software and was the one and only 16-bit game release of the company prior to declaring bankrupty in 1987, but not before transferring software copyrights, licenses and company assets elsewhere ahead of time.

    In late 1987, ex-Argus Managing Director Stephen Hall formed Grandslam Entertainment and the game was re-released by the new software house.

    The US releases of the game by Datasoft and Software Toolworks/Datasoft were licensed from Grandslam. The first US release by Datasoft came in early 1988, some months after the UK release in 1987. A bonus copy of the novel by Tom Clancy was included with the US releases of the game by Software Toolworks/Datasoft.


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