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    The Imperial City

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    The largest city and capital of Cyrodiil. Circular in shape, and located on City Isle in the middle of Lake Rumare.

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    The Imperial City is the main location of interest in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is home to the royalty of Cyrodil and houses many different districts for the player to explore. It's main defining feature is the large White Gold Tower standing in the middle of the city. The Imperial City consists of multiple different parts. 

    Inside the City

    • The Market District contains the cities shops where the player can buy and sell armor, weapons, potions, and more.
    • The Arena is where the player can participate in battles for cash and recognition around Cyrodiil.
    • The Arboretum simply contains statues and gardens.
    • The Temple District is where the Temple of the One is located and several Upper Class homes.
    • Green Emperor Way contains the Imperial City Palace and the Elder Council Chambers.
    • The Talos Plaza District is home to the wealthier residents of the Imperial City
    • The Elven Gardens District is a residential area

    Outside the City

    • The prison is where evildoers are kept
    • The Arcane University is home to the Mages and several other magical shops
    • The Waterfront is where ships can dock and is home to the Thieves Guild and the poorer residents

    Related Quests

    • Unfriendly Competition
    • Origin of the Gray Prince
    • Imperial Corruption
    • Order of the Virtuous Blood
    • An Unexpected Voyage
    • The Collector
    • Nothing You Can Possess
    • Secrets of the Alyeids

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