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The Incredible Hulk was released on June 5, 2008 on consoles, and on June 10 for the PC. The Incredible Hulk is a free roaming, destructible world game, allowing the player to wreak havoc on the streets of New York City.

The Incredible Hulk is your chance to guide Hulk's powerful rage towards his enemies who try to control him.


This installment of the Incredible Hulk is a spiritual successor to the previous title , The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and resembles other Marvel

Hulk Vs Kyclops
Hulk Vs Kyclops

games such as Ultimate Spider-man. While roaming through the streets of New York City, the player can stop at certain checkpoints to either play story segments of the game or complete mini-games. Mini-games include time trials, a Crazy Taxi -esque mission, and dart throwing. Most moves are taken directly from the previous Hulk title, such as smashing a car to make gauntlets that can damage armored enemies and Hulk's thunderclap. A rage meter gives you access to powered up attacks. Fury and Gamma canisters are collectibles scattered throughout the city to increase your health and rage meters. There is also a standard warning level gauge that increases the amount of military that comes after you proportional to how much

A complete variety of destruction.
A complete variety of destruction.

damage you cause. This can be resolved by using one of the subway stations, the game's alternative mode of transportation around the city. As is typical of open world sandbox games, the Hulk will be able to romp freely through a monstrous, organic replica of New York City’s Manhattan borough. Touted as the ultimate playground with its capacity to sustain persistent and complete destruction, players will quickly discover an unlimited potential for chaos as they demolish entire buildings with their fists, use blown-out structures to access previously unreachable areas, rip passing vehicles in half, and effortlessly pluck streetlights out from the concrete before using it to bash enemies’ heads in. As you go about rampaging violently through the streets, you’ll slowly build up a rage meter that will allow the Hulk to upgrade his arsenal of moves and learn additional abilities. Also, in addition to the main storyline, players will be able to complete a variety of side quests and mini-games as well.

Hulk preparing for the kill.
Hulk preparing for the kill.

No multi-player mode has been confirmed by developers.


During the story segments of the game, the Hulk rescues a teenager named Rick Jones who is tied to the Enclave, a mysterious organization bent on dominating the city with their respective fields of science as their weapons. The Enclave are the primary antagonists in the Incredible Hulk, with others including the U-Foes and the United States Army as they attempt to bring the Hulk down and end his destruction of New York City. The movie's plot with Betty Ross and Emil Blonsky is also included in the story, albeit minimal in comparison.

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