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The Irem Skins Game (known outside of North America as Major Title 2: Tournament Leader) is a golf simulation game developed and released by Irem for arcades (running their M92 hardware) in 1992.

The sequel to Major Title, Irem Skins Game adds a new game mode (skins game, where up to four players compete to earn "money" per-hole), multiple golfers to choose from (each with their own unique stats), two fictional golf courses to choose from, and the option to keep persistent records for each player (similar to NBA Jam). Some of these features were later used in the game's spiritual successor: Neo Turf Masters.

It was also ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1992, titled outside of North America as Major Title. Although it only has one course and no persistent records, it retains the pacing and simplified controls of the arcade version (compared to games like True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Links and Jack Nicklaus Golf).

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