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    The Isle

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 01, 2014

    The Isle is a first and third person open-world sandbox which pits human teams and playable dinosaurs and monstrous mutations against one another on one of several intense islands in a struggle to survive.

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    The Isle brings dinosaurs and humans together after an experiment horribly backfires. Players can choose to play as dinosaurs (carnivores or herbivores) or various human factions. Players can choose to form a pack to try to stay alive and hunt together, or players can run solo and sabotage bases and gangs.

    Unlike many other dinosaur games, The Isle brings back the sheer terror of dinosaurs. Austroraptors can be crouching in the brush without anyone suspecting; A Carnotaurus can charge through foliage, outrunning everyone they come against; or a Tyrannosaurus Rex can give a might roar for all to hear. Running and shooting at close ranger against a T. Rex will get you killed.

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    The Isle was Greenlit on Steam on May 29, 2015 in just 5 days - making it one of the fastest greenlit games to hit the steam community.


    There are currently 5 dinosaurs, with 4 being in the playable demo. They are: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Carnotaurus, Gallimimus, Austroraptor, and Puertasaurus (not playable in the demo).

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    A unique idea coming to The Isle are dinosaur strains. Each dinosaur (limited to carnivores - not likely released for Early Access launch) will have various strains: Tissoplastic, Neurotenic, and Hyperendocrin. Each strain will bring different abilities for player to use against enemies - from stealth to tank-like size and armor.

    The dinosaurs come from Vlad Konstantinov ( The dinosaurs were previously used on The Stomping Land, but after failing to receive payment, Vlad was contacted by The Isle to buy his work. The Isle now has an exclusivity clause with Vlad for all of his dinosaurs (except the Anklyosaurus).

    Human Factions

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    Three human factions are still in the concept phase: Rangers, Scavengers, and Poachers. These factions will not be playable at the start of Early Access Launch.


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    The Isle is not for the weak of heart. Cannibals roam the land with bone weapons hiding in the dark. Cannibals brings a third option for players to use. They are quick, agile, and are not afraid of anything - especially dinosaurs. These mutants are known to use every part of their victim - from weapons to threatening totems.

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    Cannibals also have the ability to ride dinosaurs. They punish these beasts into obeying and mangle them to fit harness or saddle. While the dinosaurs obey their riders it's is not to be confused as obedient.


    Development for The Isle started December 2014. Development has been streamed on Twitch ( showing maps being built and various animations for each dinosaur. Feel free to join and follow development.

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