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The Jackal is a fictitious character who is the main target of the player throughout the game Far Cry 2.  He is a notorious arms dealer who brought nothing but conflict and conspiracy to a war torn Africa. The Jackal is a man of high wisdom and low morality. For him, the African people are nothing but war puppets, thus he decides to take advantage of the unstable situation in Africa by choosing no side and selling weapons and vehicles to both.

Although he is known as the most wanted face in the entire continent, no one has been successful in locating him. That is where the player enters this conflict as a mercenary hired to assassinate him.

The Jackal is a resourceful, influential, mysterious and unpredictable man. He manages to get his hands on the player multiple times while the player is incapacitated, but for some unknown reason he spares the player. 

Apart from selling weapons, The Jackal also spies on both APR and UFLL while making sure things remain in the current form. When both sides of the war decides to make an agreement for the sake of peace by trading diamonds (the only available currency), The Jackal interferes and does not let that happen, he then claims that is because the warlords want peace only to conduct their crimes outside the world's attention. He then seizes the diamonds and knocks the player character unconscious to use the character as scapegoat . That is where the player decides to deal with him personally. Towards the end of Far Cry 2 Jackal meets with the character and say that he wants to rescue the civilians from the greed of their leaders thus asking the main character to help him in his plan.

At the very final sequence near the African border (Heart of the Darkness), The Jackal meets with the main character for the last time to reveal his final plan. The Jackal plans to dynamite the valley leading to the border, in order to prevent the militia from following the evacuating civilians. He also uses the diamonds he found to bribe the border guards for the sake of refugees. In the end we see the Jackal and the main character committing suicide/sacrificing themselves since they were both afflicted with "terminal" cases of cancer.

The Jackal ‘s body has never been found.


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