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    The Jedi consists of individuals capable of using the Force. They are the protectors of peace and stability in the galaxy.

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     Despite his small size, Yoda became one of the most powerful Jedi around    
    Despite his small size, Yoda became one of the most powerful Jedi around    
    The Jedi specialize in maintaining peace, order, and justice in the galaxy, which is interesting considering that the Jedi were originally nothing but a philosophical study group. The Jedi have faced many difficult challenges in the past, one of which being the Sith, a cult consisting of individuals that utilize the dark side of the Force. The Jedi was nearly pushed to extinction by a Sith Master named Palpatine, who was once a Senator but rose to the position of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and eradicated nearly all of the Jedi. Thankfully, the Jedi were able to rebuild after Palpatine was defeated. 
    Jedi warriors are well known for their patience and calm demeanors even when the odds are against them; and the latter of which makes them ideal for negotiations and being brokers of peace. These types of behaviors are as a result of the Jedi code, a strict set of rules that dictates how Jedi act. Examples of some of the rules all Jedi must follow:
    • Emotions must be set aside so that they do not get in the way of their mission. Jedi warriors are trained to be immune to emotions.
    • A Jedi must be ready for death, for death is part of the life cycle. This rule also states that something cannot exist if its opposite does not exist. For example, purity cannot exist without corruption, life cannot exist without death, etc.
    • A Jedi must put the community above the individual.
    • A Jedi must not kill an unarmed opponent.
    • Jedi must not take revenge
    • Jedi respect everyone and everything


    "Younglings", as they are called, are children in training to become Jedi. The children are organized into clans and instructed by Jedi Masters in the ways of the Jedi and the abilities one gains from the Force. Once a youngling has reached an acceptable level of understanding of the Jedi, they become a Padawan and are taken under the wings of an experienced Jedi member. Together, the two go on missions so that the Padawan can become a better Jedi through practice and experience. They may also be sent on missions by themselves. 

    The Force

     The Force includes destructive and helpful abilities    
    The Force includes destructive and helpful abilities    
    Jedi are experts at utilizing the Force. The Force itself is difficult to define; it is simply stated that the Force is a metaphysical power that is one of the most important things to a Jedi or Sith. The Jedi believed that they could use the Force to aid and protect the people. As the Jedi studied the Force more and more, they began urging their members to never use the Force out of anger, but to use it for helpful purposes. However, there were many that didn't want to use the light side of the Force as it required lots of effort and patience on their part to fully understand. Instead, these individuals claimed that the dark side of the Force offered a much faster way to much greater power. It was through this belief that the Sith, the sworn enemies of the Jedi, was born. 
    Those willing to dedicate their time learning about the light side of the Force focused on strengthening the connection through rigorous training that allowed them to achieve inner peace. However, the enormous amount of dedication required to fully understand and utilize the Force meant that many Jedi never reached their full potential. This was partly why some of them turned to the dark side of the Force, as it required less concentration. The dark side itself works like an addicting drug. Once someone experiments with the dark side, it is extremely difficult for them to return to the light. Because of this, these people find themselves going further towards the dark side until they finally become full blown Dark Jedi.

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