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    The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jan 31, 1998

    You are Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Space Agency. Once again teaming up with your AI pal Arthur, you must travel into the past to track a temporal rip. This time your time traveling suit allows you to blend in and interact with the locals.

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    The game's plot involves Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the TSA (Temporal Security Agency) traveling through time and space to various legendary cities across the globe, following a rogue agent. As the game progresses, Gage finds out that perhaps there is something that the rogue TSA agent is trying to show him, and a grave conspiracy unfolds.


    The Journeyman Project 3 is a point-and-click adventure in the same mold as the previous two games in the series. Arthur, your in-suit AI from the The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time, returns to provide comic relief, color commentary, and historical background.

    Gage's suit now includes a "chameleon" function, which allows him to record and mimic the appearance of people he meets on his time traveling excursions. This gives the player the ability to interact and speak with NPCs without creating a game-ending temporal distortion, a first for the series.


    The first release by Red Orb Entertainment at the end of January 1998 was on four Windows/Mac hybrid CD-ROMs. In May 1998, a Mac DVD-ROM version was bundled with Apple PowerBooks, using the same resolution files as the CD-ROMs, but on a single DVD disc. In September 1998, an "enhanced" WIndows DVD-ROM was released with video remastered at twice the resolution of the original CD-ROM version.

    In Fall 2009, the Presto Studios released an tenth anniversary edition of the game for Mac OS X which featured the remastered video and audio from the enhanced WIndows version. However, it contains PowerPC code and does not run on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

    In 2012, released a digital download version of the game with the higher resolution enhanced video of the DVD-ROM and an updated app that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.


    While the game made a lot of headway for the series garnering the best reviews of the trilogy, a fourth game in the series never made it past the conceptual phase. Tentatively titled "Resurrection", most of the conceptual artwork, plot and settings had already been laid out. Unfortunately for fans of the game series, the great first person adventure engine that Presto Studios had developed over the years, was next used for Myst III: Exile. The reason for this being that Broderbund, the parent company of Presto's publisher for the series, was acquired by Mattel shortly after Legacy of Time was released. They wished to use their newly acquired publishing rights to Cyan Worlds' Myst series, due to the much larger audience and greater profit potential.

    Tommy Yune, creative director of the series, stated that all materials relating to the conceptual stages were not destroyed when Presto Studios shut down in 2002 shortly after the release of Whacked!, an Xbox game.


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    Red Orb Entertainment released a soundtrack album in 1998, composed and produced by Jamey Scott.

    No.Track TitleLength (55:14)
    1.Presto Fanfare0:15
    2.Prelude to Discovery1:48
    4.Responsibility Revoked1:49
    5.The Death of Sinclair1:17
    6.Temporal Rip / The Chameleon Suit2:56
    7.Atlantis Destroyed1:40
    8.El Dorado Destroyed2:06
    9.Shangri-La Destroyed2:28
    10.A Reunion Of Rivals3:04
    11.TSA Reborn3:55
    13.The First Artifact2:40
    15.Advancing Danger1:41
    16.El Dorado5:36
    17.The Final Artifact1:20
    20.Gage's Theme1:53
    21.Arthur's Theme (bonus track)1:07
    No Caption Provided

    An expanded soundtrack album with additional music was released in 2015.

    No.Track TitleLength (60:49)
    1.Presto Fanfare0:15
    2.Prelude to Discovery1:49
    4.The Year 2329 (new track)1:40
    5.Responsibility Revoked1:50
    6.The Death of Sinclair1:17
    7.Temporal Rip / The Chameleon Suit2:57
    8.Daughton's Lab (new track)0:49
    9.Jump to Atlantis (new track)0:10
    10.Atlantis Destroyed1:41
    11.Jump to El Dorado (new track)0:10
    12.El Dorado Destroyed2:08
    13.Jump to Shangri-La (new track)0:10
    14.Shangri-La Destroyed2:28
    15.A Reunion of Rivals3:04
    16.TSA Reborn3:57
    17.Return to Atlantis (new track)0:10
    19.The First Artifact2:40
    20.Return to Shangri-La (new track)0:12
    22.Advancing Danger1:42
    23.Return to El Dorado (new track)0:11
    24.El Dorado5:37
    25.Vision of Destruction (new track)0:47
    26.The Final Artifact1:21
    27.Unlocking the Legacy (new track)1:16
    30.Gage's Theme1:51
    31.Arthur's Theme (bonus track)1:07

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