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    The Judge

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    The Judge is a sweet old man who presides over courtroom proceedings throughout the Ace Attorney series.

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    The Judge is an old man, who presides over nearly all of the cases in the Phoenix Wright trilogy.


    Easily swayed by the lawyers and witnesses who appear in his court, he has earned the nickname ‘Judge Fickle’. He is also often portrayed as being slow to grasp the theories and ideas that are presented to him. These personality traits can make Phoenix Wright's job even more difficult, as the Judge is willing to consider completely outlandish explanations given by the prosecution for apparent contradictions in the evidence. However, it can also work in his favor, as Wright often relies on outlandish theories of his own when defending his clients.
    The likeliest reason for his forgiving nature is due to one particular case dubbed as the "second KG-8 Incident" (this case appeared as a flashback seven years ago in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth). New prosecutor Edgeworth was leading the investigation and the Judge testified that Detective Dick Gumshoe, who was meant to be guarding Defendant Lobby No. 2 in which a double murder took place, was missing from his post when he used the restroom. Edgeworth proved that the Judge's testimony had flaws in them--though unintentional--as the reason the Judge could not see Gumshoe through the restroom window was because Gumshoe was sitting down on a bench. Afterwards, the Judge was upset that his testimony had been unreliable and had a newfound sympathy with all testifying witnesses.


    The Judge has a brother, also a judge. His brother appears in some of the cases in Trials and Tribulations and speaks with a Canadian accent.



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