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The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest (known in Japan as The King of Fighters '98: Dream Match Never Ends) is a 2D 3-on-3 fighting game developed and published by SNK for the Neo Geo. It is the fifth installment in the King of Fighters series and contains no canon story (and is non-canon to the franchise). It features most of the characters that appeared in the first four installments (with the exception of Eiji Kisaragi, Kasumi Todoh, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, and Mr. Big)


Clark Still Vs Ralf Jones.
Clark Still Vs Ralf Jones.
The King of Fighters '98 uses four buttons - light punch, strong punch, light kick, strong kick - and other techniques can be use by performing combination of those four buttons. It also features two fighting systems known as "Advance mode" and "Extra mode." And a service known as "Continue service" that is a mini-game of roulette that is played when the player loses a match in the arcade mode.

A variety of techniques is uses in the game such as a technique that is called "Bop attack," it's a technique that is done by pressing strong punch and strong kick simultaneously. The bop attack is a knockdown attack that dose some heavy.

The game also has several ways to use the super meter, obviously one way is you can perform a super deadly move when the meter is fulled up. Other ways is the ability to go into "Armor mode" that is done by pressing light punch, light kick, and strong punch together.  Armor mode increases the attack power for a short amount of time; if the player has one meter fulled up and is in armor mode, then the player can perform a more powerful version of the super deadly move. Or if the player can perform the ultra powered version of the super deadly move if the player has all three gauges fulled up. The player can use a counter attack when the player blocks an attack and pressing strong punch and strong kick at the same time and used up one power stock from the super meter (Those technique can only be used in Advance mode). In Extra mode, the player has the ability to charge up the meter by pressing light punch, light kick, and strong punch together.

Command Modes

King of Fighters '98 features two command modes - Advance mode and Extra mode.

Advance Mode
  • Running: Move as you run forward.
  • Emergency Evasion: Move forward or backwards while rolling.
  • Advance Gauge: Can increase the gauge by performing attacks and the stock of gauges increase by one  when a character gets defeated.

Extra Mode
  • Step: Lets you smoothly move (Step in) toward opponents.
  • Attack Evasion: Steps out of the way from attacks and counters with any attack.
  • Extra Gauge: Increases gauge by taking damage or by doing a "Power Built" (Press Light Punch, Light Kick, and Strong Kick). The gauge can only hold up one stock.

Continue Service 

When the player loses in one of the single player mode, the player goes through the "Continue Service," this service is were the player has the option of four condition.
  • Decrease the level of difficulty.
  • The computer's health starts at 1/3.
  • The player's power gauge will start at Max.
  • No Service.


Japan Team

Fatal Fury Team

Art of Fighting Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Psycho Soldier Team


Women Fighters Team

Korea Team


Orochi Team


'97 Special Team


Yagami Team


Masters Team



Other Versions of King of Fighters '98

Dreamcast Version

King of Fighters '98 was re-released on the Dreamcast in 1999 under the title, King of Fighters '99: Dream Match Never Ends. That version feature 3D backgrounds and a color edit mode.

Ultimate Match

In 2008, SNK re-released the game to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the games' released. Ultimate Match is based on the Dreamcast version of King of Fighters '98 - the game features 3D backgrounds and the color edit is also feature. Ultimate Match also feature more characters and re-balance gameplay.

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