New Gameplay Footage!

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Alright, here's some playtesting footage of King Of Fighters XIII. Props to a friend on Facebook for posting this:

It essentially looks like King Of Fighters XII. I don't know if they are keeping the same exact sprites (which were actually low-res), or if they are redrawing them or upping the pixel count so it's actually high definition. Regardless, the fighting system looks the same, which is a good thing, because the new system rocks.
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 if you want up to date KoF XIII news as it comes in, as well as a slew of videos and screenshots, check out the kof cyberfanatix forums in the gaming news section. The loc test for today is over, but they continue until the 28th I believe, so there will be more tidbits and lots of videos for sure. So far I love everything I see, and am glad XII came out to tide everyone over until this.

The sprites are exactly the same, they are only zoomed out closer to their 100% sizes(around 120% maybe?), as opposed to their 200% sizes in XII. This makes the appearance of any jagginess less obvious, and also returns the game to the more classic KoF character:screen ratio. XII sprites weren't low res, unless you consider Guilty Gear X size low-res. The game should look pretty slick.

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