Two small issues that ruin the game as far as I care.

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1. You can't toggle the bullshit blur filter on the character sprites.

2. The PS3 version of the game doesn't support wired (most or all, not sure) USB controllers. Specifically the NeoGeo Stick 2 that I'm trying to use.

Good thing I bought the 360 version of the game as well since I'm a crazy person, right? I own a TE stick even, but I just don't care anymore.

SKNP is garbage, I'm done.

Fuckin' port terrorists.

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Anyways, I am hype to try this game out at my friend's place!

I might try Team Racist and Team OG Lesbian then settle with a concrete team of my own in this port perfect game. I wish I had a Kappa.

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@Soniku said:

Fuckin' port terrorists.

I got a good laugh out of that.

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@TechHits said:


I know I was being a bit extreme with the title, but man this is beyond unacceptable. They have to be fucking with us.

I can live with the blurred sprites since whatever, at least the game is playable, but I bought the PS3 version specifically to use my Neo stick.

I'm a crazy person so I bought the 360 version as well. Guess I'll use my TE stick.

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Pretty sure your controller problem has to do with the PS3, not the game itself. Also, of all the things to mention, you didn't mention the garbage online?

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@VanillaPlant said:

Also, of all the things to mention, you didn't mention the garbage online?

Which type of garbage. Unplayable (MvC3, KOFXII, MK), bullshit buffer (BB), twitchy (3SO) or huge input delay (SF4)?

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Shit sucks but that's a developer problem and inappropriately replying about it as Atlus initiated might not help the situation.

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Believe me they have heard plenty, and many have asked if their will be an update to netcode in a patch form.

With it being a holiday weekend, we could hear a response sometime next week.

And some of you folks are a bit harsh, breathe, don't stress over it.

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Stop being a crybaby. 
@ThePhantomnaut said:

I might try Team Racist and Team OG Lesbian then settle with a concrete team of my own in this port perfect game.

I laughed so fucking hard at this. 
Also, we both know you've already purchased the game, duder.
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I just tried the demo out on PS3 and couldn't get my fight sticks to work, well this explains why. What nonsense! Until they fix that issue I have no interesting in getting the game. I'm glad I waited for the demo.

EDIT: apparently an Atlus Rep replied in the thread the OP posted about. Supposedly SNKP is aware of it and they are looking in to it. So that's a good thing.

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what? someone enlighten me. whats going on? the people is complaining that they cannot use a ps2 arcade-sticks using a ps3-compatible attachement? it wont work on kof xiii? so they complain? if this true then atlus win and you lose. it is common sense that ps2 device is likely to not be compatible even when using ps3-compatible attachment. other games work on it? well those games are lucky but you people have no right to complain that it dont work on kof xiii since it is common sense.

if the people is complaining that a ps3 arcade sticks like official kof xiii and official street fighter 4 sticks dont work on kof xiii then i agree that the people have the right to complain.

as for the blur? what blur? i dont see no blur. i dont get it. you mean the close up blur when they do neo max? it looks cool!

im a dualshock user when it comes to fighting games. i best at dualshock and i will choose arcade sticks over any crappy xbox controllers. #1 dualshock and #2 sticks. not necessary for me to use sticks since im best at dualshock.

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I guess you guys got a crazy demo version, because my SF stick works perfect with KOF, at least the demo

I guess it's an issue with your sticks, b/c I've seen KOF on stream and the PS3 version used, and I've seen a ton of sticks.

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@AnnouncerGXZ: You should really keep your uneducated opinion to yourself.

If you want people to play your game, you need to support as many sticks as possible because A, sticks are expensive and 2, the community as a whole is not nearly as large as say people who play FPS'.

So you're market is already segregated to people who are pretty hard into fighting games, and now you are saying only people with brand new sticks can play your game. I'd be pretty fucking pissed if I spent a few hundred for a custom 360 stick and then wasn't able to use it on certain games.

Also as an aside, how fucking dumb is it that they don't support this stuff? It can't be THAT difficult seeing that I've never even come across a game that wouldn't support certain hardware.

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