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The Last Battle is a JRPG exclusive to the Super Famicom. It was released in 1994. The player, as the young wizard Kurt, travels the world learning magic after successfully completing his coming of age ceremony. He joins with three other young heroes and fights to preserve the fragile peace of his homeland and its neighbor.

The game uses a distinctive combat system in which characters run around a field performing attacks and spells on enemies. The game has an auto-battle function that chooses the best strategic option, or the player can select their own strategy depending on their current status, the amount of magical power they have remaining and their distance from the nearest enemy. The player will eventually have four characters under their control with which to build strategies around.

The Last Battle was developed by Powwow (credited for the game design) and Atelier Double (credited for the main programming). It was published by Teichiku, which had previously only published the 1992 SFC shoot 'em up Acrobat Mission. The game has never been localized into English either officially or via a fan translation patch.

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