Fumito Ueda Talks Trico (Last Guardian) with IGN

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An interesting read, albeit short.

Highlights include:

"Hito Kui no Oowashi Toriko." That's the official Japanese name, as listed in Famitsu. It literally translates to "The Giant Man-Eating Eagle Toriko."  (the word "Toriko" can be taken to mean prisoner, a baby bird, and a pairing of bird (tori) and cat (neko).)

"Growth and stage puzzles are major elements to the game. There are platforming aspects as well -- you can climb, grab things and crawl."

"Asked if your movement through the stages will be seamless, Uedo said that it's seamless as far as there being no load times as you move about. However, there is an order to the locations that you visit."

"With Last Guardian, however, one area of the stage design involves how you go about getting the eagle to do stuff for you. You can either order it around, or you can have it cooperate with you. For instance, you could make the eagle move by throwing around something that it likes.

Also something to keep in mind as you work through the levels is that eagle's level of intellect isn't all that high (this is what Uedo said -- don't send nasty e-mails to us). It may not move according to your expectations. As an example, you may be able to clear an area if the eagle would just sit still. However, the eagle ends up moving."

"For this third project, Team ICO is making use of some advanced technology. Different from their past titles, they're using real physics. As an example of this, Ueda made note of a scene where the creature eats a barrel. This is not done with motion capture, but with actual physical calculations involving the barrel and the creature's mouth."

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