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would give 4.5 if possible

(almost) all the complaints about this game are about the story so at the end of the day you have to play it for yourself to see if the criticisms resonate with you. i found the story to be excellent, believable, and moving. once i finished the game, i spent time with friends, the game reminded me how important it is to spent time with loved ones and that the way to deal with loss is not revenge, but moving towards a reality that will bring you joy.

there are a few reasons i would give 4.5 instead of 5:

1) at times it felt like combat was thrown in just to lengthen the game. maybe it's because the universe is so convincing in its realism, but i thought things like "if this area is well patrolled by humans and is between two outposts, there shouldn't still be infected here, the humans should have cleared them out already"

2) it was difficult to tell which direction was forward for the story. at times i would be exploring, but accidentally move forward in the story and be unable to return to the area that i was snooping around

3) one of the things that i loved about the first game was the constant dialogue between ellie and joel. in this game, ambient dialogue is not always present and so you can get bored by pressing forward and tapping x

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