Anyone still playing multiplayer?

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I bought this game day one but just got around to playing last week. I'm at 85% playing on hard and will finish it tonight. I think the game is great and wanted to check out the multiplayer next. Is it worth trying? Is anyone still online? I'm playing dark souls 2 as well so It will have be pretty good to hold my interest.

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I might have been extremely late for this, but yes, there are still lots of people playing the game. Naughty Dog already said not too long ago that there can be as much as 10,000 players on at around the same time. It is definitely worth trying, as it perfectly captures the tension and breakneck thrill of the singleplayer while managing to dial it up to 11 simply because you're dealing with (mostly) unpredictable humans instead of AI. It's a lot more slow-paced than your usual multiplayer shooter, and there's a greater emphasis on team play. It's a breath of fresh air for most.

I could go into more detail about it, but it's better trying it out for yourself. I do have to tell you that it's probably going to suck for you for the first couple of weeks, especially with most people having already built up a lot of experience. The best way to play it is to have a mic to communicate with your teammates, and to party up with other people who also have mics. In the off chance that you still end up reading this, you can add me and I'll help you learn the ropes. PSN is Howlin_Forever.

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I'll probably play this some more when the next DLC comes out; definitely the most tactical shooter on consoles that I've seen. Unfortunately there's no anti-group queue for the DLC maps but you can just bail on obvious team vs no team matches and that fixes that problem.

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Haven't tried out multiplayer yet, but encouraged to now.

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I still do occasionally. It's really quite fun and still proves to be incredibly tense, as you're sleuthing around knowing someone could at any moment poke your eye out with sniper shot or shiv you in the neck from behind. Plus, there's some great class building you can do with all of the perks on offer. Even if it's sort of at odds with the themes of the story, it's still a lot of fun all the same. Never did buy any of the DLC maps, but knowing that they'll be packaged in the PS4 version I'll opt to just get that version instead. It'll at least help to justify what'll likely be a full-price release.

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@yummylee: Thematically it's just two groups of survivors going at it; seems fine in terms of the narrative; there's no super protagonist who is not-at-all-evil while murdering thousands of people. Yes you respawn but obviously that's intended as being another guy entirely and playing Survivors (by far the best mode) sort of negates that anyway.

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I still play MP, sometimes can't find a game, or it takes 15 minutes to find one but I don't know if it's cos I'm in Australia.

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@tsoglani: I assume it has to do with where you live or something. I play TLoU pretty regularly still and can find a game easily within 20 seconds. There's still a good amount of players.

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I haven't played it since launch but i enjoyed it and im sure it still has people playing. I think there is still some DLC for the season pass coming out sometime soon, and Naughty Dog are one of the best developers when it comes to supporting there multiplayer. And it basically plays just like the singleplayer where you are picking up stuff to craft items, and having to choose when and what to make as people are trying to corner you is really fun.

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The latest DLC dropped two days ago. 4 new maps, 5 new guns, and 8 new skills to play with for multiplayer. A good deal of balance tweaks also come with the patch required to play with the DLC.

They all come separate but having the Season Pass obviously gets you everything. The fun thing though even if you don't have the season pass is that you can use the new weapons and skills on the new preset loadouts without having to buy the DLC for the weapon and skill packs. Of course, you won't be able to use them in custom loadouts.

Speaking of custom loadouts, there are two new blank custom loadouts to accommodate more playstyles. The old preset loadouts have also been maximized to use all 13 loadout points so newbies don't feel gimped having to rely on those.

There's also the Grounded mode difficulty setting for single player. Like Survivor, there's no listen mode. The AI has been improved, making them react smarter to your moves and more relentless in their pursuit to kill you. Checkpoints in between areas in levels have also been removed, giving bigger consequences to fucking up sections. I'm not 100% sure but I think you take a little more damage than Survivor mode as well. There are also even less ammo/parts to pick up throughout the game.

Finally, there is no HUD.

Yep, it's up to you to count how many bullets you've got left in your guns and check Joel/Ellie's body language to see if they need healing.

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@devil240z: Er, no the multiplayer is actually really good and was well received. And as already mentioned it still has its community with lots of people playing; it was most certainly not a ''waste of time''.

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I haven't been able to find a game since release week, but that's just me. I also have none of the DLCs so maybe that's it?

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My copy is still sealed lol.

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I've played a good bit it of the mp but taking a break till the ps4 version drops this summer. Going to be fun getting back into it!

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@corruptedevil: That's ridiculous. I've never had big problems finding matches. There's an entire community on r/thelastofusfactions that has a lot of regulars looking for matches if you're really having trouble finding any.

And it's always easier to find matches in the regular maps than the DLC ones. Not everyone buys the map packs.

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@corruptedevil: yeah might wanna check your settings. had zero problems with finding games. even with strict nat settings.

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@baracudadk2: every other game works perfectly, I could even get into GTA Online during launch.

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Sometimes it takes a few minutes to find a game, but that's a common hiccup. Other than that, there's still tons of people playing the game. Matchmaking has no issues putting us in and filling up the lobby, even when people leave.

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There are still people playing Uncharted 2 MP aswell, which might be my favourite multiplayer mode in a nonmultiplayer focused game ever.

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Interesting that people are still playing, I never even tried it. I played a few rounds of Uncharted 3 and really just said, "Well, okay that's a thing."

This is no swipe at Naughty Dog, but I always envisioned Uncharted multiplayer being far more interesting as a game of parkour racing, like capture the flag without guns. Maybe, you just tackle people with the flag...or maybe throw a coconut at their head to drop the flag. I see it as tying into the whole "master thief, recover the relic" sort of concept instead of shooting people. Two teams that have to compete to recover a relic on the map and bring it back to their base. The maps are 3d meaning the paths are vertical and horizontal, and a lot of it is jumping, swinging, climbing and running. The maps are set up so you really don't die unless you REALLY screw up. So there are a lot of slides, ramps, and things to break a fall taht send you down a level.

The concept is to FIND, RECOVER, and RETURN the object without the other side trying to do the same thing. Maybe, include some sort of 'rugby system' where you can toss the relic to a team mate, or use the same mechanic to hurl a coconut an an opponent. The atmosphere should be like Sports Friends where people are laughing while yelling for team mates to help and telling opponents . A non-killing, yet very competitive game...that what I always imagined for Uncharted that focused on how Drake and his friends are always over their head trying to make those silly leap & escapes.

The maps can range from jungles mountains, to ruined ancient cities, to modern cities, multilevel museums, or even convoys of moving trucks to leap between. The basic game play would be capture the flag, yet a varient could be each team has a specific object to find on the map under a time limit. A third varient might be reach the top of a structure by every team member helping on a map that is dynamically changing so ONE BEST route is impossible to know...the team just has to use basic skills to overcome a new puzzle each time.

Sorry...I think my idea for the game is about 1000x more fitting with Uncharted, and just a different sort of game that would gain its own niche of play with everyone and not directly competing with well established shooters for attention as a shooter.

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@corruptedevil: Add me on PSN and I can help you get into matches. ID is Howlin_Forever

That's also an invite to anyone else here in the Giant Bomb community that is still playing multiplayer! I've got friends from both GameFAQs and Reddit I regularly play with, so it'd be cool to have new teammates from another great community.

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I really enjoyed the multiplayer for the brief time I spent with it and I'm sure there are still people playing now. I tried not too long ago and it took me a bit to find a game but aside from a couple people dropping out it went pretty smoothly. I wish I had gotten into the multiplayer more and actually found a group of people to play with instead of going into matches solo most of the time. Team-work as you well know makes this game so much more fun and rewarding.

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I haven't played it much lately, waiting for PS4 release so I can continue getting teabagged but with better graphics.

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