Character Parallels with Bioshock Infinite *spoilers*

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Sorry if this has topic has been covered before, but I'd like to get some other opinions on the weird overlap in character themes between this game and Bioshock Infinite. Sorry for all the quotation marks.

Both these games have a central character (funnily enough, voiced by the same person), who is a father that has lost their daughter only to "find" them again. The "daughter" in said situation, increasingly, becomes of sole importance to the main character throughout the story. The "daughter", on the other hand, while valuing the father figure, increasingly wants to change the wider world and is willing to do so at any personal cost.

Each ends with either the father or the daughter in a position where they dictate the course of the world and thereby make a decision based upon the aforementioned values.

I am not a skilled enough essayist (or thinker) to delve in to this in some larger context (though one could argue there is a sort of cross-commentary about progressive vs. conservative viewpoints of the world), but I thought there is at least a pretty neat thematic overlap between the two.

[Also: Walking dead season 1! Different but similar father-daughter bonding! Fits less neatly in to my comments, but is this a new ALL STORY?]

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