Extra details on TLoU and Left Behind

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Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley talked about in their recent Reddit AMA about details that were not in the games but concerned the plots of both the main game and the DLC Left Behind.

Here are extracts of the interview taken from an article in PlayStationLifeStyle.net:

One of the biggest moments of Left Behind is when Ellie kisses Riley, which obviously raised questions about Ellie’s sexuality. Giving at least their side of it, Druckmann explained: Actually our intention in writing (and the actors’ performances) is that they’re gay… but I understand that people have different interpretations to the material.

As for the decision to use a shopping mall in Left Behind, they “used the similar settings for both stories to show (without dialog) that Ellie is remembering (and drawing strength from) her time with Riley while she’s trying to save Joel. The mall made for a nice metaphor of kids skipping school in the Riley story.”

A fun tidbit that Neil revealed is Ellie’s role at military school, which was brought up when someone mentioned how Ellie said, “I’ve done this before, I’m kind of an expert” when stitching up Joel. Turns out, “She worked in the school’s infirmary, stitching up soldiers. We had some lines that we recorded where she tells Riley about it — but we had to cut them since they didn’t really help build their relationship and felt too expository.”

What do you think of the revelations?

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I wouldn't exactly call this information a revelation. Hearing that she worked in the infirmary is... neat, I guess. But otherwise it's not much of a shocker to learn that Druckmann written and directed the scenes involving Ellie & Riley as if they're gay.

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Personally the second snippet of information was also unknown to me.

And there are more information in the article that I didn't find as relevant, as it didn't concern the story, but the way it was told.

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