GB Last of Us Clan?

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#151 Posted by Castiel (3476 posts) -

Well my psn id is: bloodyharry90 (yeah I know. Believe me if I could change it I would.)

I don't have a mic though, but I'm tired of playing with random players who have no clue of what they are doing.

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#152 Posted by Grinfacked (2 posts) -

PSN ID: JohnnyBoy717

Have a mic, just into Week 5. Hit me up.

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#153 Posted by BloodShotRobot (36 posts) -

If anyone is still playing this and is looking for a teammate with a mic, I'm BloodShotRobot on PSN.

PSN ID: BloodShotRobot

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#154 Edited by dorrian_murray (2 posts) -


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#155 Edited by Usernameandemail (128 posts) -

PSN: TalibanChic

No idea if that will work on account of me being in Australia but worth a bash.

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#157 Posted by SomberOwl (925 posts) -

PSN: SomberOwl

Have a mic.

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#159 Edited by moon_frog (11 posts) -

Psn id: animal_crushing

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#160 Edited by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

i really need to get back into the multiplayer.

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#161 Posted by Shingatsu (45 posts) -

Add me please!

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#162 Posted by jryaremko (2 posts) -

Psn: jinvsiblemany

got the dlc

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#163 Posted by Deranged (2022 posts) -

Hey if anyone is still up for multiplayer, I just jumped into it!

PSN: SerbianMidget

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#164 Posted by kylenbrooks1910 (2 posts) -

Do any of you guys still play TLoU online? If you do, please add me, brookies1910

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#165 Posted by OneFreeman (130 posts) -

UK here and definitely up for some Factions.

PSN: One-Fr33man_

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#166 Posted by Cobhammar (39 posts) -

PSN: Cobhammar

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