Moral Decision in Final Level**SPOILERS!**

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I've been meaning to ask this question for a while. When you finally rescue Ellie from the hospital you have the option to shoot one or all of the doctors, how many did you kill on you first run?

I shot the first dude(obviously, he was pointing a knife at me) then looked at Ellie and i didn't see any button prompt so i shot the 2nd one and then kicked the 3rd when she dropped to the floor. I felt bad immediately afterwards.

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I shot the first one in the leg and he died.

That was kind of hilarious.

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I had a very interesting experience. I shot te first doctor before he even pulled out the knife because the game emotionally impacted me so much it caused me to only think about saving ellie. I then came to my senses for a few seconds and felt bad until the second doctor called me a monster. I became angry because (at least in my mind) he was the real monster. I then let the third doctor live.

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If I remember right, I shot all 3. I felt so stupid and bad because I only did it because of my gamer instincts. I saw them as enemies and I just shot them. :/

Such a powerful moment in the game though. That game is still a masterpiece.

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