Multiplayer: pay to win?

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Straight to the point: there are perks and weapons that are aviable to buy for real money only and some of those seem really powerfull. For example a perk that shortens the fuse on smoke and regular bombs.

I have been playing without any of those items and I have the top score most of the time, but it still bothers me. I don't remember this being a thing on the PS3 version of the game.

And you know what the worst thing is? I caught myself considering buying some of those items, even if it'll just reinforce this aweful trend.

Why, Naughty Dog, why? (Well we know the answer is "money")

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@quipido: I'm not a fan of microtransactions in retail games period, so yeah, agree with you.

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@amyggen: yeah I have no problem paying a few bucks for cosmetic items, but this is the first time I have seen a full sixty dollar game do something like this. I'm dissapointed, the multiplayer is otherwise really awesome.

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@quipido: Foza 5 had/has a lot of this stuff too.

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It's not really as simple as it being "pay to win", particularly considering that those weapons and upgrades are available in the some of the preset loadouts for free, so everyone has some form of access to them - when purchasing the DLC you're paying to be able to use them in custom loadouts. These were added in the PS3 version with the Grounded DLC bundle, by the way.

That said, I totally do think it's a shame that they decided to make weapons and skills a part of their paid DLC plans, even if there's a measure of free access to them. That they also opted not to include the weapon and skills bundles for all in The Last of Us Remastered is pretty shitty.

It's also a shame that it looks like they're going to split the player pool again when they release new maps - unless it turns out they release them for free.

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@meatball: oh, I didn't know they are included in the preset loadouts, good to know, that way I can at least try them. But I don't see myself using non-custom loadout as a default one.

I agree there are pletyn of maps now and I would prefer just having those than splitting the user base with DLC. How was that implemented on the PS3? Were the new maps in a separate playlist? That is the worst in Battlefield 4, even for premium members there is no unified plalist for all the maps together and each and every map pack is separte. What a stupid way to do that.

@AMyggen: I did not play Forza, but at least everyone was talking about how shitty it was - it was much more in plaer's face from what I have seen. In The Last Of Us you only notice it once you get your deet wet and dive a bit into the multiplayer, so reviewers and such are prone to just miss it.

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@amyggen said:

@quipido: Foza 5 had/has a lot of this stuff too.

Nothing on the disk is locked in Forza 5, is it? Last of Us items are all there and they can be used in default loadouts as someone said. So you're paying for an unlock key. The better comparison would be something like Gears 3(except those were all cosmetic changes).

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@ez123: I'm more talking about microtransactions in general here.

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It's not quite "pay-to-win", but it's close and it's really shitty that you still have to buy that stuff in the "definitive" version of the game. Didn't Naughty Dog say that this version included all the DLC?

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They're not OP, no, but yeah, I definitely am disappointed with ND that they decided to go down that route, even if I got them "for free" when I bought the Season Pass for the PS3 version. It sucks even more that they also didn't just include it in the base game of the Remastered edition. If this is your first time purchasing the game, then you'll have to buy them all, despite what they said about this version having all the DLC. Their decision to create more maps that you also have to pay for sucks as well, considering one of the pros to having all the maps in the Remastered edition is that there's just one playlist.

It's already pretty bad on the PS3 version where the two map packs each have separate lobbies, dividing the player base and making the DLC maps a pain in the ass for new players who find themselves almost always getting pit against partied up veterans with mics.

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The Last of Us microtransactions shouldn't be in the game. Period.

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