Question for people that beat the game and started a new one

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#1 Posted by frankiebeanz (346 posts) -

Its not letting me pick a harder difficulty in new game plus is it just me or is it everyone?

BTW Naughty Dog has set a new standard in games with the last of us it has to be the best game I have ever played.

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#2 Posted by Egg0 (180 posts) -

You can only play new game plus on the difficulty you beat the game on.

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#3 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10364 posts) -

As far as I know the "+" version of the game is more difficult so there's effectively 8 difficulty levels.

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#4 Posted by thebarrylad (49 posts) -

Yeah as Eggo said, you can only play NG+ on modes you've already beaten.

I'm not sure what the differences in NG+ are though. I started a new regular game in Survivor mode, personally, which is pretty tough.

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#5 Posted by bkbroiler (1731 posts) -

I think the only differences in + are you get your weapons/skills to carry over. No actually difficulty differences. That's just pure speculation though.

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