Really weird glitch in tunnel near the end

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So I'm replaying tlou and I get to the tunnel that's supposed to be full of clickers/infected etc but the only ones there are the few infected that are huddled together in the corridor near the rooms off to the side and when i killed them Joel was all 'We've killed them all Ellie' . I tried reloading but it just restarted at the end of the tunnel. Very disappointing i was looking forward to that bit as well. Has anyone else had this or similar problems?

The first time i played the game last year i had no problems but there must be an update or something that's fucked something up. This second play-through has had a fair few bugs mainly concerning stuff just not triggering at all and then freezing, weird. Still love the game though.

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Never had this happen before, most recently I did it on Survivor and skirted the left side of the map with a bow; worked out okay and made it past the 20 or so Infected on the second try I think.

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