Remastered: Bookstore - Ellie's Joke 02 glitched?

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Has anyone gotten the prompt where Ellie tells bad pun jokes in the bookstore? I can't seem to trigger it and I've restarted the encounter like five times now. Anyone experience this glitch?

Also there seems to be instances where enemies may randomly disappear and reappear when restarting an encounter. From what I remember of the original game, there were way less noticeable glitches there than in Remastered, which is quite unfortunate.

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#2 Posted by Castiel (3481 posts) -

Sounds like I can wait a bit before rebuying the game for PS4. Hopefully they will have ironed out the worst glitches at that time.

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Fives minutes after posting this, the prompt came up. It's not game-breaking, but it felt like it was incredibly random. I do hope if there are bigger problems they'll be dealt with in a future patch.

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