Remastered does not come with MP maps?

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I thought this version was supposed to have all the DLC, including the multiplayer maps but I just stumbled on a map pack in the PSN Store. So the disc only contains the original game + singleplayer DLC?

Can anyone confirm this for me? I was planning on picking this up partly because I loved the multiplayer on the PS3 but never bought the maps.

EDIT: I was wrong, all the DLC is included.

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From the back of the box:

Includes additional game content:

"Eight new multiplayer maps in the Abandoned and Reclaimed Territories packs."

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The dlc maps come with the game. In fact, Brad and Dan played a dlc map on the quick look. The other dlc (cosmetic items/perks/add. weapons) do not come with the game. Left Behind and the new difficulty mode are also included on the disc.

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OK I am dumb, the map pack I found in the store is actually for PS3. Those are the only two map packs that came out, so all is included with the new version.

My bad, thanks.

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it comes with all the maps, and all the perk and gun dlc you bought, but doesnt come with those if you didnt get them on the ps3

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