Savage Starlight comics

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#1 Posted by Jedted (2873 posts) -

Anyone collect all of these yet? The way they use the Dark Horse comics logo on the back makes me wonder if Naughty Dog planned to do some kind of cross-promotion thing with it.

I just found out that DH has a series of Last of Us comics available on their site.

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#2 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2938 posts) -

I ended up collecting 9 of them by the end... I think there's... 14 in all?

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#3 Posted by Jedted (2873 posts) -

@vigorousjammer: I found 6 by the end of the game, then i went back to the final chapter to get the last one.

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#4 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10205 posts) -

There's 13, got all of them on the first go around; 107 out of 141 overall I think? Didn't get all the training manuals though, I assume those were easier to find. The game being larger than an MMO at 27 gigs makes the world a joy to explore and experience.

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#5 Posted by turboman (9103 posts) -

I only got a measly 6 on my first go around, will probably revisit the story with a walkthrough on the second one to find all of the hidden stuff.

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#6 Edited by bkbroiler (1731 posts) -

Is there a way to talk about the comics with Ellie? They have brief conversations when he picks them up, but usually it's just "hey, I found another one of those comics." The dialog balloon in the collectables menu makes me think that grabbing them unlocks more conversations with her.

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Maybe I wasn't able to see it, but I kept looking to see if the comics were supposed to in some way mirror Joel and Ellie's journal.

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