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#1 Posted by MachoFantastico (6678 posts) -

So I finally got around to playing the last of us remastered, despite the fact that I bought the game back upon its release. I have played through it on the PS3 but having sold all my PS3 games it was a no brainer.

But hell on a bicycle, I'd sort of forgotten what a masterpiece it was. Yes having it in 60fps is delightful but its the characters and atmosphere that hit me on the head. I can't think of many games that can compare honestly. A sign of a great game is one you can experience again and still leave you breathless. I've yet to touch Left Behind but looking forward to that. If you own a PS4 (or PS3 for that matter) this is a must own.

As me even more excited for Uncharted this year, I really do hope Sony/Naughty Dog release an Uncharted Remastered collection as I really miss owning them, imagine them at 60fps. Naughty Dog were one of the main reasons I bought a PS4.

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I really liked the original release a whole lot, but my memories were stressful and depressing.

With that being said, when I started playing the remaster with my buddy, I quickly came to realize why I loved the game as much as I did.

Same with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The original was my game of the year at the time but it's been a while, so when I started up the PS4 remaster I went "oh, right, this game's amazing."

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I'm currently working through Grounded for my fourth playthrough and without the hud it's even more stunning. Love the inclusion of a photo mode, too.

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I'm a big fan of the game, probably my favorite game that year. Developers are getting a lot better at handling characters and making experiences that use their components together to work toward a central theme or idea. Last of Us was one of those games that I bought at launch and it didn't grab me, but then after giving it a real chance (about six months later), I was totally blown away. Tomb Raider and DmC were two other games that year that I think did way more than I would have expected of them.

If I ever get a PS4, I'll surely revisit it.

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It's great. I still want to finish the Grounded playthrough I started, when I get the chance.

Also, ever since I saw the video of Uncharted 3 running at 60fps, I've been craving a remaster. Here's the video:

Loading Video...

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#6 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

One of the best games of its generation.

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I didn't realize I liked it so much until after I had beaten it and was discussing the ending with my friend. It's a really immerse game too, I beat the 10(ish) hour campaign in two sittings.

I don't ever really have the urge to play it again though. I think once was enough, though if I ever get a PS4 and if this game is like $20, I might go through it again.

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Good to see a more recent opinion on this that isn't something along the lines of "it's overrated" or "the gameplay sucked"

One of the most masterful, carefully crafted games ever and one of the best of last gen without a doubt. Remastered version is even better.

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#9 Posted by Jeust (11739 posts) -

I love it too. It's one of the games I regularly play through.

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#10 Posted by Humanity (18734 posts) -

@frostyryan: Which nevertheless doesn't negate the fact that the gameplay wasn't nearly as well executed as the story, which was indeed very good, especially Fall.

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There are a whole bunch of "The Last of Us is good" or various impressions threads already. This type of thing may be better suited for your blog and left off of the forums, or perhaps a user review.


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