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Last of Us will be to horror what Uncharted 2 was to action games.

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Which was?

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My biggest guilty pleasure is enjoying on-rail-ISH games that fool me with their excellent presentation and make me feel like a badass even though I'm barely doing anything that has my own style and signature on it. Uncharted 2 comes to mind. I love that game, the presentation and sequences are mindblowing, but looking back I didn't do anything in that game that I'd like to go back and top in a second playthrough.

I really hope this game allows me the freedom of action to be my own badass, and not use the same restrictive tools that are wrapped in a wonderful presentation and atmosphere.

That was good footage, but I've yet to see a revolution in how I get to play and what I get to do.

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Looks really good. I can't wait for it. That, and animal crossing. ahah

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Looking damn good.

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Yay necros

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