*SPOILERS* glitch in the Lakeside Resort kitchen fight?

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The Ellie & David knife fight. After dying once on the first sequence, I knifed him ran off and all was well on the second floor (lower, recessed, west floor, however you call it). I quickly got him to take a route where I could stab him the second time, but when he was staggered I thought that looked like it was time for a kill so I was smashing ∆ and, well, he killed me.

No big deal I thought, except now when the game checkpoints (I've died two more times trying to fight him this way) it loads me exactly where I was hiding when he arrived on that level the first time (does this mean I was supposed to run down there, and the checkpoint wouldn't have triggered otherwise? I experienced a lot of that on the stealth sequence just before this), except David is crouch-running down towards me from the upper level. And each time he gets hung up on some part of the wall for a good while, after which he continues crouch running. He looks a bit like a cougar from Red Dead Redemption, or I s'pose a Cougar Man. He'll stop and crouch in a position for a good long while, then scamper to another position. And when he does, my Listening view only shows the faintest of blips and then nothing, though sometimes his full silhouette will appear briefly and then disappear.

Is he supposed to be moving like that? Or do I need to do a hard reset of the game and hope I don't die there again? I feel like this has to be going badly somewhere in the game, because that movement and the way the Listen thing is working seems totally weird. I have had the game checkpoint me with certain tasks completed that I died doing, so I'm curious if this is how he plays on the 3rd (and hopefully final) hit or the game just got righteously confused.

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He is supposed to be moving like that I also got pretty frustrated a couple of times, The Idea is to sneak behind him and stab him. All the while, he is trying to sneak behind you.

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OK, it was just a weird issue with checkpointing then. I had some REALLY bad ones in the final sequence at the hospital.

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I had a few brutal checkpoints towards the end as well. Also during the encounter where Ellie is covering you for the first time.

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I completed the game (and this section) last night. The end part of that fight is an utter pain, though I managed to somehow (luck) kill him when he clearly should've seen me. You need to avoid all the plates on the floor and just keep moving away from him, eventually you should be able to get a loop behind him.

A trick I found was when you couldn't see him with your 'sound' vision, come out of it before then leaving it a second and starting it again, you'll get a brief hint as to where he is, or at least, I did each time (I thought it was a penalty for walking around continually listening for him)

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It's 'cause he's being quiet, shhh...

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@rikka_hyou Yea, about a half hour after I made this post with no response I decided to give it another shot and dude was just sitting at his spawn point not moving at all, like I'd said before, so instead of waiting for him to get unlocked and start scrambling around I just walked right up to him and knifed him. From the front.

Probably the first glitch in a game I've experienced that wasn't just an Environment Gone Blue type situation since the wall glitch days of SOCOM II. I always get the short end of the stick when it comes to fun glitches, and the long end when it comes to game-breaking ones. I'm glad I didn't have to start that whole fight over since this would've broken my long streak of not suffering a gamebreaker.

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This is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) moments in any game .

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I got super frustrated. But it's supposed to be like that.

You're supposed to use the noise of stepping plates to draw him to a location and then sneak up behind him. It's not easy and even once I did it I didn't feel that I did anything much different than the 10 times it failed.

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