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#1 Edited by twi (225 posts) -

Hey all!

If you've picked up the Last of Us for ps4 share your psn ID below to connect for some MP fun!


  • mbmsog
  • azrailx
  • Nilazz
  • csl3l6 (with two L's)
  • One-Fr33man_
  • Cruelink
  • QuaglarTheIV
  • jswift56
  • PWEID5
  • Deadlife47
  • SSully
  • corwag
  • Sackmanjones
  • xtrminatr
  • Symph7
  • Cobhammar
  • bboymrmaestro
  • Revan_NL
  • Sleyland84
  • Wunder_
  • ChubbyBiddy
  • Not-A-Stalker
  • NonSequitur777
  • halfashandy123
  • JackOverflow
  • CrustyJay716
  • CaptCommando4
  • BorklundSE
  • midnightgreen20
  • Vito_R
  • MikeTheMortal
  • Matt_F606
  • Danforth05
  • Prolyfic_fiasco
  • DaredevilJD
  • XmusFlaxon-Waxon
  • niftynichy
  • NMeck702
  • FidusLingura
  • Kyarl
  • xH00LI64Nx
  • nukem060
  • Christopherson29
  • vikingdeath1
  • PeteX19
  • mariedwhiteninja
  • JooceBocksHero
  • xavmeese
  • Pakman2920
  • Tavish_B
  • helmit64
  • ThatOneDork
  • Slurpelve
  • Eloquent_Hobo
  • Lomilias23

(Listed updated to help everyone out!)

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#2 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

psn - azrailx

i plan on playing soon, so add me!

don't have my mic in yet though =o

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#3 Edited by Nilazz (836 posts) -

Hell yeah I'm up for some Remastered action online!

PSN ID : Nilazz

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#4 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

added both of ya

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#5 Posted by csl316 (14965 posts) -

csl3l6 with two L's. I gotta get on that multiplayer.

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#6 Posted by OneFreeman (130 posts) -

UK here.

PSN: One-Fr33man_

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#7 Posted by Teoball (815 posts) -

PSN : Cruelink

I just played a few matches with a couple of you. Never tried the MP before so I'm sorry for sucking, hehe.

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#8 Posted by QuaglarTheIV (106 posts) -

PSN: QuaglarTheIV

I played a bunch last night and had a lot of fun with random people who weren't talking, but I have a headset and am down for strategy.

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#9 Edited by MrSwift (47 posts) -

PSN - jswift56

Just completed the main campaign ( needed a sit down and a cup of chill the f*ck out) ready to try some mp.

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#10 Posted by pweidman (2853 posts) -

Want to finish the story(my first experience with LoU..whew...), but then I really wanna get into the mp, so add me please.


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#11 Posted by ottoman673 (1271 posts) -

PSN- TakingBackFunday [tis an old, old PS3 handle]

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#12 Posted by impartialgecko (1941 posts) -

PSN: Deadlife47.

God I need to change that. This is what happens when you let your past self from 2006 dictate your online idenity.

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#13 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

the games were fun crue!

adding more peeps on this list

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#14 Posted by SSully (5631 posts) -


Add me!

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#15 Edited by you_smell_dude (14 posts) -


No mic, but I'm a veteran at TLOU MP having put 100+ hours into the PS3 version.

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#16 Posted by Corwag (427 posts) -

psn: corwag

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#17 Edited by Sackmanjones (5595 posts) -

Sackmanjones. Add me if you'd like to hop in!

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#18 Posted by Xtrminatr (280 posts) -

psn: xtrminatr

just got the game today

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#19 Posted by Voxus (412 posts) -


I'll be adding other people in this thread!

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#20 Edited by Nilazz (836 posts) -

Been playing with a couple of you guys and kicking ass, keep this TLOU train rolling!!

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#21 Posted by Cobhammar (39 posts) -

ID: Cobhammar

anybody feel free to add me

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#22 Posted by bboymaestro (744 posts) -

bboymrmaestro is the name. I'm hoping someone can guide me through the multiplayer, I haven't done 3rd person MP since Max Payne 3.

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#23 Posted by Revan_NL (395 posts) -

PSN: Revan_NL hoping to get those two gold trophies for MP this time around!

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#24 Posted by baconbutty (210 posts) -

PSN: Sleyland84

Game is excellent with a team that works together.

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#25 Edited by azrailx (604 posts) -

@nilazz: i still havent hurd you talk, eat the puppies!??!!?

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#26 Edited by wunder_ (1233 posts) -

Wunder_ - EU, UK!

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#27 Posted by Biddy (281 posts) -

PSN: ChubbyBiddy

Sounds fun.

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#28 Posted by mechakirby (448 posts) -


I'm a newbie, but this multiplayer is super fun. Can't believe I didn't try it on ps3. Add me and let's play

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#29 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

^ hmmm, yup that user name seems safe

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#30 Posted by mechakirby (448 posts) -

@azrailx: whatever man, I made this shit in 2006 and was like 13

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#31 Posted by Basm321 (421 posts) -

PSN: NonSequitur777

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#32 Posted by halfashandy (26 posts) -

PSN: halfashandy123 add me up, will add as many of you all as possible!!

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#33 Posted by supermulletman (70 posts) -

PSN: JackOverflow

Timezone: GMT

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#34 Posted by Nilazz (836 posts) -

@azrailx: If they continue to rob me of my sleep I might have to eat them.

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#35 Edited by ThatIndianGuy7116 (282 posts) -

PSN: CrustyJay716

I don't really play multiplayer a whole lot so I may not be online all the time, but I've actually been really liking this MP mode for some reason so, hey, if anyone's down to play and I'm on, I'm down to play too.

Edit: Never mind. I ended up returning this game today, because I've been having major problems getting into a multiplayer match for the past couple of days. Sucks, because I think this may have been my absolute favorite multiplayer game I've ever played.

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#36 Posted by CaptCommando4 (24 posts) -


PSN: CaptCommando4

I played a lot of this MP on the PS3, finished both sides of factions, and would be happy to give tips to people who aren't as familiar with the game.

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#37 Posted by borklund (321 posts) -

PSN: BorklundSE

Timezone: GMT+2 but I work odd hours so eastern/pacific as well

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#38 Posted by JFunkhouser (103 posts) -

Loving the mp but I dont have a LOT of free time but hey, one day the planets may align and I have time to play some rounds. PSN id: J_Jabroni

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#39 Posted by midnightgreen20 (104 posts) -

PSN: midnightgreen20

I haven't tried much of the multiplayer but I'm definitely down to learn it and have some fun

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#40 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5738 posts) -


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#41 Edited by tmprechtl (28 posts) -

PSN: MikeTheMortal

will be fun not yelling at screen hoping someone will revive me

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#42 Edited by SolidestChimp (158 posts) -


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#43 Posted by Matt_F606 (351 posts) -

Just picked it up: Matt_F606

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#44 Posted by Danforth (30 posts) -

Hey there.

So I resisted the itch for as long as I could, but ended up picking up the PS4 version.

PSN ID is Danforth05.

Add me if you wanna play and not take things too seriously. I wasn't very good on the PS3 version, but I go for objectives and I'm not a total asshole as far as I know.

Also, I have a headset for people who are into that.


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#45 Posted by juice8367 (476 posts) -

psn: Prolyfic_fiasco

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#46 Edited by KingRingtail85 (65 posts) -

PSN: DaredevilJD

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#47 Posted by csl316 (14965 posts) -

Man, I was so ready to finally play multiplayer. I bought this just for Left Behind and the mp.

But then I booted up the campaign again and can't stop. Oh boy.

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#48 Posted by DiabeticJimmy (40 posts) -

PSN: XmusFlaxon-Waxon

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#49 Posted by niftynichy (16 posts) -

@twi: My PSN name is niftynichy

Hopefully I'll be playing some this weekend.

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#50 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1568 posts) -

PSN: NMeck702

I'll be playing a ton over the next couple days. I'm really digging it. I'm not great at it yet. I have a good mic if anyone plays with voice on.

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