Turns out the PAL-version of the Last of Us is censored.

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Oh well, that is lame. At least it was only the boring multiplayer.

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It kinda sucks that they never said anything about censoring any content prior to release.

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It kinda sucks that they never said anything about censoring any content prior to release.

Yeah it is really annoying this has only surfaced now. If I had known I would have imported the US version of the game.

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Thanks ObamaHitler!

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@hassun: Well personally I'm quite happy they turned down the gore for the multiplayer. I might feel differently about the single player being censored, as to me that's telling a gritty story and requires it to paint a shocking and emotional picture of survival.

But the multiplayer for me is more like a chess game. It's more about the mechanics and strategy of the situation. A "sport" mode if you like. You could strip all of the visuals away and have flat colours - I would still enjoy it.

The repetition of seeing such gore in a sport mode without a full-on story to contextualise it isn't healthy in my opinion.

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I can see that but for me it's much more the principle. I have not even played the game and I will probably never play the multiplayer but I do not condone any form of censoring at all.

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Hate say it but that gore just looks out of place. I find it much more intense without heads blowing up and arms coming off.

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Without investigating the details deeper, it feels like this was put on Naughty Dog/Sony by whatever regulatory body that is over there. Although it is nice to be able to stand on principle the alternative is not selling The Last of Us to anyone in that area.

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