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the last of us or the last game you want to play?

the last of us is the hit new live action movie from sony entertainment studios europe from the hit developers behind classics like crash banditoot and crash tag racer and drathan nake's unsharted, but the question everyone is wondering "why would i pay $60 for the same game i bought lasdt year?"

well here's the answer: even though the last of us might have come out last year you still need to buy the new one since the graphics are so good and the 14 year old girls look more detailed than ever at 1080p so of course it's a must have these days even though whenever people said the ps3 version looked bad i said graphics don't matter, now they do since i wish i had a computer instead of a ps4

but everything about the last of us is good, like the plot... the characters... the plot and maybe some other stuff, what i don't understand is why sony left all those boring part sin where you actually controlled and interacted with the game, like what's the point, i don't want to do that boring stuff i just want to watch the cutscenes since that's all that is good in the ggame

and speaking of the cutscenes the dialogue is really good like there's this one scene where the 14 year old girl finds a dirty magazine and the car and starts to look at it while the main guy is like 'no don't you do that young lady im gonna ground you if you don't cut it out' and then she just says she's joking because ahah ahaha hha it's funny when 14 year old girls look at pornography right, probably, maybe not, probably not, definitely not, but that's some of the great dialogue featured here in uncharted 3 hd

so overall, the last of us is probably not very good since sony left all the stupid boring dumb idiot gampelay segments in and the game is only like 4 hours long anyways and the dialogue is kind of terrible but i still stand by my score of 10/10 and keep in mind that points have been deducted for the gameplay not being removed but it's still a 10/10

to summarize, the last guardian is probably the best video game of all time and next family movie night you should proabbly pop it into the blu ray player and take a peak gamers okiay peace


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