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Conventional meets contemporary in Mistwalker's latest tale. 6

Hell, I've written extensively about The Last Story in recent weeks, so I might as well collate all that information into something useful for those still pondering the purchase of this game, whether they're European or Australian citizens who have heard almost nothing about it or those on the North American continent who are eagerly anticipating its XSEED-produced summer release.The Last Story is an Action Strategy RPG from Mistwalker, the Japanese development studio started up by Final Fantasy...

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overhyped = dissapointing Results 0

After two hours I got bored and frustrated with the game. It looked like a game that had the potential of being great but failed in its execution. This is hardly a review after you read this you should google "the last story wii dissapointment review" to decide if this game is worth your time, which I can't tell you its not. Here's my pro's and cons though:Pro1) able to move and fight freely during battles. 2) You have Ai teamates to help you in battle. 3) four to five bars to resurrect you if ...

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A bit overly-ambitious but still very good 0

Fittingly, The Last Story is one of the last Wii titles to come out and one of the few role-playing games made for the console. Designed and directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, it’s a fairly traditional role-playing game but features some progressive ideas.StoryThe majority of the game takes place on Lazulis Island, where Zael and his mercenary friends dream of moving up in society. They’re hired to do odd jobs around the city, and eventually get a gig to guard the castle durin...

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A victim of circumstance 0

The Wii's life cycle was filled with droughts of "serious" games, held up by tent pole Nintendo franchises and a fistful of genuine third party efforts. A major source of consternation to the content-starved fans of the Wii in North America were titles unreleased outside of Japan. Near the end of the console's life, a fan movement dubbed Project Rainfall lobbied for an already English-localized trio of games to be released in North America. Among them was The Last Story.Mistwalker's most recent ...

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A great Wii RPG 0

I just wanted to chime in and recommend this game to anyone still hoping to get some use out of their Wii, or even want a good solid game for their Wii U. The Last Story is a great JRPG. It's fairly linear, but I appreciated that it doesn't get stuck into the typical trappings of some Final Fantasy games where you're forced to spend hours leveling up between missions in order to advance. The game has a nice smooth progression, and the story is just good enough to keep you motivated to move forwa...

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Just off the mark 0

Wii RPG - ~25 hours to complete with minimal side questingStory SummaryA band of mercenaries seeks to rise through the ranks to become knights serving under the King. As they delve deeper into the lifestyle of a knight they realize the dream wasn't as lavish and stimulating as they hoped it would be. They find the knights are actually brutish and barbaric in terms of war and crime. A love story emerges on the side with the main character (Zael) falling in love with the Princess at the time (Cali...

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Should you pay attention to The (Wii's) Last Story? 0

On Lazulis Island, a nation isolated from the rest of the suffering empire, a diverse band of mercenaries delve into ruins and kill monsters to earn a living. When war finally envelopes the island, the mismatched band get caught up in the action. The premise may be standard fare for a JRPG, but The Last Story still manages to entertain. Its title is also rather apt, as it will most likely be the last 'big' title released on the Wii before the launch of the Wii U later this year.You play as Zael,...

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Mistwalker Can Do Better 0

We all know the back story to this game, so I'll get right into the meat of the game itself. I will list the PROS and CONS of the game and a short conclusion.PROS:- Beautiful music from Nobuo Uematsu- Great character design- Believable voice-acting- Intriguing story, albeit a bit genericCONS:- Automated battle system makes the game too easy- Combat becomes a nuisance; battle system is clunky- The game constantly presents the gamer with moral dilemmas but never really gives the player any say in ...

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Typical fare 0

When a video game character takes an arrow through the heart, context matters. In a battle, you could simply toss them a potion to regain their lost health, or maybe conjure a healing spell. But cutscenes are a whole different deal, entirely. A story is being told more directly now, so death is a finality. No phoenix downs here, sorry.And a few cutscenes into The Last Story, you will witness a party member take that arrow through the heart. It's a dramatic sequence, where the game's hero, Zael, ...

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