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Mistwalker Can Do Better

We all know the back story to this game, so I'll get right into the meat of the game itself. I will list the PROS and CONS of the game and a short conclusion.


- Beautiful music from Nobuo Uematsu

- Great character design

- Believable voice-acting

- Intriguing story, albeit a bit generic


- Automated battle system makes the game too easy

- Combat becomes a nuisance; battle system is clunky

- The game constantly presents the gamer with moral dilemmas but never really gives the player any say in the matter

- Frame rate issues and loading screens are abundant

- Very little changes to gameplay as the player progresses


Compared to Lost Odyssey, and even Blue Dragon (which was a bit too old-school for a lot of peoples' tastes), The Last Story is lacking. Whether it's the pretty boring gameplay or lack of any customization besides changing colors to characters' armor, there is plenty in this game to be disappointed about. Only diehard JRPG fans should check this game out, and even then, there is a high chance that you will be disappointed. I expect much more from Mistwalker in the next generation of video game consoles.

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