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    The Legend of Dark Witch

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 06, 2014

    An side-scrolling action game developed by Inside System.

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    Choosing from six different stages, Dark Witch Zizou must recover the stolen Syega Crystals that give the witches of her world their power. This action-platformer meets light shoot 'em up features Japanese voice acting with English text.

    Similarly to Mega Man, stages are themed to the boss. As a side-scrolling action game, the player runs, jumps, and shoots their way through enemies. Killing an enemy in the level rewards the player with "Tres" magic power—a currency that can be spent on a Gradius-like projectile upgrade system that includes increased movement speed, a floating jump, a double shot, and two different firing patterns.

    After defeating the stage's boss witch, the player is rewarded with a new special ability and another currency that can be used to buy persistent upgrades. Power-ups such as extra hearts, lives, greater firepower, shields, and homing missiles can then be brought into both unplayed stages and repeated runs.

    The game has multiple difficulty levels that range from extremely easy to punishingly difficult. The difficulty can be changed at any time during the game.


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