Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past HELP!

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Nobody would respond on the zelda forums so I'm putting it here. Where are some possible locations to use the magic mirror so I can get back to the Dark World? I used the mirror while in the Dark World, then left the spot to get some heart containers. Now I can't get back to that spot. Are there spots in the world I can just use at any time? Any help would be appreciated

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The Magic Mirror is a one-way portal, as I recall. The only way to re-enter the Dark World, aside from the sparkles that float around the spot where you used the mirror before, is to find a portal. They're generally found under rocks in important-looking places (dark rock in the middle of a circle of light ones is a good bet, iirc.)

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Do you where any portals are located specifically?

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There is a portal on death mountain I think its under a rock near the top.

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I think this will help you out.

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There is a portal in Hyrule Castle. Just walk though the large gate that leads through the castle outer wall.

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Thank you KoolAid. Your advice worked. I thought I was going to have to start the game over. Also, the portal at Death Mountain doesnt allow you off of Death Mt. at the point in my game.

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