Completionist Tyranny: The Curse of 100%

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I'm glad the new Zelda isn't on Xbox or Playstation. If it was, it would have an achievement for finding everything. Instead, there's no way (and barely any reason) to tell whether you've found everything. To determine if you've scoured a region of everything it has to offer. And it's a stronger game for that.

The 100% goal is the pursuit of a "complete" playthrough of a game, which is treated as synonymous with perfect. The allure of perfection drives us to play a game far longer than our own interest in it, running our enjoyment of it into the ground. I think Zelda's avoidance of telling you just how much is in a region (and complete lack of missions about 100%ing anything) is deliberate. Without an artificial goal compelling you to complete everything, you just do stuff until you're satisfied and then you move on. Zelda doesn't overstay its welcome.

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Well that isn't strictly true, which I'll elaborate on behind a spoiler tag ( No story spoilers)

There is a mode to the game you may not be aware of. Once you get far enough into the game, you unlock a camera. If you take a picture of an item, monster, animal or plant it adds it to a bestiary. So a bit like Pokemon Snap, it's encouraging you to see everything

I get your augment about completionist-itis, but for me achievements etc actually help with that. I've always been a completitionist, long before stat tracking existed. I'm going to for 100% if I like a game whether the achievements are there or not. So Achievements, icons on the map etc save a me a ton of time trying to figure out whether I found everything. And they also help me determine whether or not I'll try. Some games I'll notice have some really asinine achievements, and in those cases I'll just ignore them and do what I want.

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@slag: Oh, true. I didn't think of it as one, namely because you can find most of those in multiple locations. Honestly, I'm more worried about getting good pictures of them than getting pictures of everything.

So here's a question for you: how far do you think you'll go to find everything in Breath of the Wild? Actually crack open a FAQ to make absolutely sure? Or just explore until you're personally satisfied?

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@mikelemmer: I don't know what Post game is like since I'm a long way from it, but what I usually do in Zelda games is comb every area fairly thoroughly on my own and when I think I've found everything I'm going to find unaided, I'll backup my save and go make a run at the final boss. Lot of times in a game like this, I may even do as much of the overworld as possible before even heading into my first dungeon. That's what i've been doing here already, I've been ignoring anything that moves the plot forward unless i think it might unlock something I need that helps with exploration or collectibles.

Then once I beat the boss, I'll definitely go look at FAQs and stuff and clean up what I missed (if I missed something, Zelda is a series where I've found 100% organically before. Most games I usually get 80-90% unaided) on the pre-boss run save (unless it has a post game mode like Red Dead Redemption where you can go do that easily). And then beat the boss again.

For me that's what I find fun to do. I don't blame anybody for feeling differently and there are probably more fun ways to play Zelda, it's just what I like to do.

I like looking for stuff and Zelda usually makes collectibles etc interesting enough to obtain. There is at least a little trick to most things you have to solve. I don't actually care about the powerups/items themselves, I just like finding them, tracking stats, filling a collection and seeing the scenery. I liked that about the Batman: Arkham games too. I wouldn't mind it if games like this had an actual mapping mechanic where you could fill in the game with your actual movements as opposed to just popping up a tower. I'm going to probably glide to every mountain top just to see what's there anyway.

It's Ubisoft open world games, where they just kinda strew junk thoughtlessly everywhere and slap them on a map where collectible hunting starts to feel like a chore to me.

but yeah I totally get why people feel conflicted/tortured about stuff like this. I've burned myself out on games before finishing their main quest before more than I care to admit due to going abit overboard searching for collectibles (Dragon Age Inquisition was one of those, too much choice too made it easy to get overwhelmed). Zelda games are generally pretty easy for me, so that probably won't happen this time.

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@slag: I just unlocked that last night and man oh man is that going to (and has started to already) drive me crazy. Those blue bunnies that drop rupees so far have been my "white whale". Still love it though.

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@bill_mcneal: haha, I feel you on that

I got lucky with those guys, I found a place where they spawn reliably. But if I hadn't, that would drive me crazy too.

The ones that get me are the insects, they get spooked so easily.

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@slag: I know that feeling too. I spent probably half an hour cutting huge swaths of grass trying to get pictures of grasshoppers. Again, I more or less just started filling that out, so I'm not too concerned, but I have a feeling that there will be more than a few of those situations.

I'm just glad that I eventually paid enough attention and "discovered" you could mass-delete pictures without having to go in, view it, and then delete it. I was doing that for a while until I actually read the text on the screen.

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I love checklists and being a completionist. Especially in Zelda games. But I'm glad there's no way to track every single chest, I won't bother with those. Yet there's still plenty to scratch that itch in BotW. I am curious how many hidden koroks there are to find. Read somewhere it was something crazy like 900, but I have yet to confirm.

@bill_mcneal Just don't delete that Blupee picture when you get it! I found a quest that required it after I had deleted mine.

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@tom_omb: Good to know, thanks. And yes, I have also heard that there are 900, and that while you don't need all of them, if you do you get something for it at least. I'm not sure if I'll be up for it.

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The 100% goal is the pursuit of a "complete" playthrough of a game, which is treated as synonymous with perfect. The allure of perfection drives us to play a game far longer than our own interest in it, running our enjoyment of it into the ground.

I think its to each his own with that one. When I was a kid I used to play Sonic 1 on the Master System where I had to beat the game with getting every free life (there was one in each zone), every continue, every free life in the special stage, every chaos emerald and do it without dying once.

What I'm trying to say is you can make your own standards as far as the perfect 100% play through, but achievements are a good barometer really.

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@bill_mcneal: Yeah, although I noticed that Purahs's assistant sells all the pictures so you can just buy what you missed. But I'm not going to likely do that as it kinda takes the fun out of it for me. But it's there I guess if some of that gets too tedious.

I just "discovered" (aka didn't notice at first like I should have) the other thing you mentioned last night and man that really is a time saver.

Also 900 koroks sounds crazy excessive, especially since I only have like 50 after probably 20 hours. But I believe it. The number I heard was 800, either way that's a ton.

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Is it possible to still complete side quests and explore after completeting the main quest?

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