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I had a question about the Amiibo unlocks. I understand that the only way to get your Wolf Link ally and Epona are through amiibo, but does anyone know about all the equipment unlocks? Like are they all available in some way in the world, even if it's monster grinding/farming? Don't want to dirty my game with a ton of amiibo uses if I don't have to.

I'm really trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible, so a simple yes or no type answer is all I'm looking for, otherwise I would just google it. Thanks for help.

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Yeah the other stuff isn't unique AFAIK. It's pretty much a random drop of crafting items and sword /shield / bow depending on the amiibo.

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Are you sure? Looking at the Prima site, and a couple others I cannot find an in-game location for some of the amiibo armor sets.

This Gamespot article sounds like the truth. All the stuff I've gotten from amiibo has very weak defense.

"Many rare and unique armor sets can only be acquired through Amiibo, though it's worth noting that they're generally no more powerful than your starting gear and they're much, much more expensive (in terms of materials) to level up."

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The Ocarina of Time outfit and special equipment can only be unlocked through the Ocarina of Time amiibo. It's the same for the Wind Waker, 8-bit Zelda, and Smash Bros Twilight Link. I should say that these are really only for cosmetic appearances. They don't have a strong defense rating.

Here is a guide to the Amiibo out right now.

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My daughter has the Link Amiibo that apparently unlocks the Epona and the Twilight set.

How do you use the Amiibo in BotW and when do you use it?

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@retrometal: There's an option in the menu you have to turn on for amiibo. I think it's just called "Turn amiibo functionality on." After that just touch the figure to the gamepad anytime you want to use it.

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@rejizzle: Oh cool. I have never used an Amiibo. lol

The only reason we own that Link is because my daughter is in love with the LoZ games and saw it in the store and I bought it for her.

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  • You should make sure in the options that Amiibos are enabled in the game.
  • Press Up on the d-pad to select a power, there should be an Amiibo power you can select. Select it.
  • With the Amiibo power selected, press the Left bumper button, it should show a white circle on the ground in front of Link
  • Scan the amiibo over the sensor on your controller
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