[RUMOR] Zelda: Breath of the Wild may miss Nintendo Switch launch

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According to this Euro Gamer article there are rumors buzzing that we may not be getting Zelda with the Switch day one. While not totally unexpected, it really hurts my excitement for the Switch at launch. I'm all for delaying games, usually it means a better product overall, but in this particular case it seems somewhat unfortunate. Maybe it wont even matter though because the Switch is probably going to sell out regardless, considering Nintendo will probably only be shipping out like 5 consoles per store like they usually do.

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Zelda is kind of the one title I would consider buying a Switch on day one for.

Maybe they'll have that Mario game ready for launch instead.

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If they launch with a Mario game (Mario Galaxy 3?!?) then I think its actually a good move to delay it. They'll be able to polish it even more, maybe add things they left out orginally and allow people to have something to look forward too later in the year. If both Zelda and Mario releases on Launch day, it'll be a great launch, but the rest of the year won't look so good in First Party games, which is why you get a Nintendo.

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I would be surprised if Zelda was delayed, considering how much we've seen, but even more surprised by a Day 1 Mario. That said, having both at launch does seem like overkill.

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As long as they have either Zelda or Mario day one I don't see a problem with delaying the other. If they release with neither then I have to start wondering why I would want it at launch. It might even be good if they push one later into the year to give the rest of the year something more exciting.

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Better they delay it and release a game they're satisfied with.

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They should be pulling out all the stops to get a great launch lineup to build an install base, maybe this time third parties won't check out after a month...

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Alternatively, they could just delay the Switch launch and mange to have Zelda hit at launch.

Zelda in October, with a new Mario in November, would be a killer one two punch,especially if that $250 rumor price is true.

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