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#101 Posted by Pilgore (256 posts) -

@mezza said:
@cursethesemetalhands said:
@ripelivejam said:
@cursethesemetalhands said:

I really wish Jeff had done the review.

why? just curious.

Well, I admit, I'm not overly keen on Dan in general but, mostly, I've found I tend to agree with Jeff's views on games. I've seen a lot of people grumble and talk shit, calling him cynical and asking why he doesn't go do something else since he "clearly hates game" and the like, but I appreciate Jeff's more grounded, objective opinions, his willingness to, say, call Fallout 4 on its bullshit and not give it a pass because he loves the series. When Jeff is stoked for a game and sings its praises I'm more inclined to believe it's something special.

You can always try to pick up on Jeff's opinion through the bombcast and other content (possibly the release day stream?). I'm sure with a game this big he's not going to avoid making his opinions on it known at some point. It just won't be in official written form like Dan's.

I'd bet you're gonna hear plenty of Jeff-Zelda talk during the GOTY deliberations at the end of the year. No doubt this game is a contender and if Jeff has something to say about a game he'll say it.

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#102 Posted by kishinfoulux (3243 posts) -

@ripelivejam said:

@kishinfoulux: so instead of that let's be bitter and curmudgeonly and demanding. hell it works for jim sterling!

or *gasp* we can enjoy something at face value for once!

Didn't realize being realistic was being bitter, but sure! As I've already said, it's hard to take face value in anything games journos say. There's a reason their critic scores and user scores tend to not agree, with one another.

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#103 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (1864 posts) -

@slag: Austin did a dramatic reading of his review on a bonus Waypoint podcast. It was pretty cool. There's a lot of game critics that are completely over the moon on this game. So many that I don't quite know what to make of it.

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#104 Posted by andythemeZ (69 posts) -

Glad things like quick looks exist. Didn't come off as "the greatest game of all time" to me, but a competent Zelda game, which is like a competent COD game, a formula that was all but perfect to begin with. So if something like Hyrule Warriors was Call of Duty Ghosts in this analogy, BOTW sounds like an "Advanced Warfare" for the franchise. And thats great, but cant justify a $300 purchase (with no other AAA games coming until November) to it, luckily I have a Wii U and can go that route.

Thing is, all Zeldas are mostly great, and even homages like 8-bit Hero whatever that was called and Darksiders are great, so I dont see the urgency to buy this thing when I never played Majoras Mask, and the 3DS improved version can be got for about $25. Also never played Skyward Sword.

Anyways, still dissapointed with the Switch launch, and still grateful theres another 9.0/10+ Wii U game.

People are gonna idolize Wii U like the Dreamcast some day, arent they?

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#105 Posted by Inresurrection (277 posts) -

Going to stay away from most comment sections and forums until I play this. I have a huge amount of nostalgia for the Zelda series and from what I've seen and heard I just can't fucking wait to get lost in this game. I'll judge it without reading into all of the back-and-forth arguments that'll inevitably erupt.

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