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I've been playing the Wii U version for at least 100 hours since launch and I've been running into a serious performance problem. I know the fps drops are common and I've seen it plenty of times, but there are instances where the frame rate actually stops. It mainly seems like it happens when I hit a taller enemy and send them into ragdoll. The frame rate doesn't just slow down, the game just locks up for at least a few seconds. This has happened at least a few times and any time it happens it's bad enough that it seems like the console has locked up but when I try using any kind of menu including the weapon swap they work fine.

Has anyone else seen this? I've done a fair amount of googling and the only results I find are about general fps dips.

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I have been playing the Switch version and I have definitely had the game just freeze for a second while hitting bigger enemies in certain areas. It never freezes long enough for me to try and open a menu but it does completely freeze for a second or so.

The Easy Allies review mentioned this problem so maybe go and watch that to see if it's the same thing you're talking about.

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I've had it on Switch in portable and TV.

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I think freezing for a half second or so happened to me once when hitting one of the tall monsters early on in the game, but I don't think it's happened beyond than that in my 50+ hours with the game. It don't think it was three seconds though.

It does take a few seconds getting back into the game after you bring up the Wii-U homescreen.

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People say that both versions have bad performance but in different areas but I've never seen the kind of slide show horror on Switch that the Wii U gets in places like Hakeno Village. I was shocked to see that performance on Brad's stream.

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As I got further in the game, I had a few more instances of what you're describing. Usually during combat when a 1-2 enemy fight suddenly became a 4-5 enemy fight. It didn't last more than a few seconds. Annoying, but it never broke the game for me.

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@paulmako: @smurf_in_a_blender: I've been playing BotW an absolute ton on the Wii U, and ragdolling a Moblin (the tall enemies) stalls the physics engine every time. The repeatable way to make it happen: use a two handed weapon and get the entire combo off. The last hit always ragdolls the target.

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#8 Posted by Smurf_in_a_Blender (115 posts) -

Cool guys, thanks. Like I said I hadn't seen anyone mention anything past general slowdown so I was starting to think my Wii U was beginning to crap out on me. This is I guess both good and bad news.

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