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A Fantastic Deviation 1

Nintendo is a company of franchises. Quality franchises no doubt, but Nintendo thrives on it's few killer properties. Zelda. Mario. Metroid. These games are all longstanding series, and whenever a new iteration is released, it includes some minor gameplay tweaks, graphical updates, and a new story; but the core experience generally changes very little. While these experiences are always solid, sometimes the same ol' same ol' gets stale. Enter The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Nintendo threw t...

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Zelda: Majora's Mask Review 0

It may be that some have played only as far back in the franchise as A Link to the Past, but there are those among us who found Majora's Mask to be one of the most enjoyable Zelda titles to date. Inversely, many have criticized it for its not being "a true Zelda game," but this seems an unfair statement. At its core, Majora's Mask is a true Zelda title, sporting all the familiar elements: a multitude of items, challenging dungeons, impressive visuals and gameplay elements like its boss battles. ...

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It's creative, and surprisingly dark and twisted for a Zelda game 0

With the success of Ocarina of Time, a sequel was in high demand, and fans wanted to play it as soon as they could instead of waiting six years for the next one to be released. Well, Nintendo heard the cries of gamers all over the world and two years later The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was released for the Nintendo 64. The first thing you should know about Majora's Mask is that it requires an expansion set to play. So if you haven't played this game yet and want to, start looking on Ebay f...

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Majora's Mask does change a lot of things but that doesn't mean it is a great Zelda game 0

I bought this game sixteen years ago but I never managed to complete a playthrough till now. Every time I started it something would cause me to never quite finish it. Mostly thanks to the time mechanics that make this more unique compared to other Zelda games while also reusing a lot of assets from Ocarina Of Time. Those mechanics drive the game in interesting ways while also punishing the player for not getting done with certain tasks in time. I’ll go over that more in a bit but first h...

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Mask Mania! 0

This is probably the darkest, saddest Zelda game I ever played. But the masks are very fun to use. The three day time limit is an original concept in the game. One of the best N64 games ever! There are loads of cool things to find. It is Nintendo's masterpiece!...

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Deep Down in Clock Town 0

Well over a decade since it originally came out on the Nintendo 64, “Majora’s Mask” has followed in the footsteps of its 3D Zelda predecessor and made a new home for itself on the Nintendo 3DS. Bringing not only a visual and auditory overhaul with it, “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D” has brought about a noticeable amount of changes to its gameplay, making it fall somewhere in between the area of port and remake.Visually, this game looks great. Textures...

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Majora's Mask is truly a double-edged sword. 0

You've got a plan that could never go wrong. Taking a long vacation away from the world you just fought so hard for is what the doctor ordered. Exuberantly, you get on your steed and ride into the horizon. Yet darkness always waits unsuspectingly for the great Hero of Time, no matter the circumstance. Trekking slowly into an enchanting realm within a lush forest, you seem to detect something, but pay it no mind. There are ethereal spirits and wisps fluttering about the night sky creating an unse...

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The Zelda franchise's own cult classic 0

Majora's Mask is a terrible Zelda game. There's no princess to save, there are only a handful of dungeons, and you're not even playing as the traditional Link for a lot of the game. Fortunately, if the game is taken out of context it shines just as brightly as Ocarina of Time, because it is able to expand outward from the usual Zelda trappings and become a truly unique experience. By focusing on a dark, off-beat world filled with  interesting, fleshed-out characters, the game creates an entirely...

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Majora’s Mask is a dark jewel to behold. 0

I have to admit that after the two successful Zelda re-releases on the 3DS I'm ready to rebuy everything from the Nintendo 64 days. Just keep 'em coming and take my money. Would be great to have a portable Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. The only two decent and noteworthy iterations of Mario Party are the first two on the N64 so why not work around an online -- someone should break the news to Nintendo about the whole internet thing -- and instead of making Mario Party 86 simply put those two ...

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Link's second outing on the N64 is his darkest one yet! 0

The darkest Zelda game out. It has a moon falling on the earth, a crazy kid with magical powers, a mask man after you and the good old ocarina/epona what more do you need? Zelda Majora's mask starts off where Zelda: Ocarina of Time end's off. With Link loosing Navi, he sets off with Epona into the dark. There he gets mugged by a flying kid with two fairies around him. It was a skull kid wearing a strange mask. Link chases him but he turns you into a Deku Scrub. Then one of the Fairies goes with ...

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very goood game 0

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooood game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recommend this game to people who like adventure and meeting very strange but cool characters(the crazy moon and the mask guy) and you will be able to play as link.  This is one of the best games that Nintendo has to offer. The only negative side i would say is only the graphics from my opinion. ...

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Majora's Mask is a Zelda classic. 0

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask is an Action/Adventure game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64, and it's the sixth instalment in the Zelda series. Majora's Mask is the follow up to Ocarina Of Time and is actually a direct sequel. While it has never been as successful as Ocarina Of Time, Majora's Mask is still a Zelda big-hitter and is one of the best games in the Zelda catalogue.The game follows child Link. After saving Hyrule from Ganondorf, Link leaves on a personal journey in search...

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